Как сделать AWP dragon lore из CS GO своими руками

Hi everyone! In this video I will make a sniper rifle awp with a Dragon Lore skin. For this I will need images of the rifle and its 3d model, links will be in the description. The gearbox for this rifle will be taken from a spring sniper rifle cyma vsr 10. I had luck to buy it on sale earlier this year for $50. It fits the project well, the only thing you need to do is to move the magazine to another location. First I cut stock out of picture, I’ll make it from board 40 mm. I started processing of the rifle stock with a belt grinder. I treated the ends using a flap wheel, sandpaper and a file. I also needed a cutter with which I chiseled a hole for a thumb. I compared the old stock with a new one. Marked the location of the magazine and other holes. Pine wood is soft and can be taken out with a chisel. After the fitting of a spring-actuated mechanism to the stock, I marked attaching holes and drilled them. Using the office knife I cut a groove for the handle of the shutter. I cut with a chisel a hole for the magazine. Magazine is swamped in the stock too deep. To take it out easily to get I put the bracket on it. I loaded the magazine with pellets and made some tests. After that I gave the butt the original form of the awp rifle. After chisel I treated it with flap wheel and cutter for wood. I treated the hole in the butt with a strip of emery paper. All the butt proportions were observed, so I began to carve a replica of the magazine. Magazine replica will hide the fastening bolt. I cut from PVC plastic a trigger bow. I bent it with building dryer I stuck the bracket on its place with a superglue Then removed all the excess with an office knife and puttied it with a car putty. So I went to the production of lock rest, I cut it from 40 mm board and treated on a grinder. The same way I made rest for cheeks. I cut grooves with a chisel for the belt bindings. Bindings themselves I cut from the plate 2mm. I fastened the lock rest to the butt with screws. I glued the cheek rest. At this stage works with the butt are over. I went to the production of bipods. I started with a bracket that fixs the bipod to the stock. I made bipods from two bars 10 mm and 8 mm. I joined them together by electric welding. I made the sleeve from aluminum pipe. Pads on the legs I will make from textolite on a lathe. I drove pads in the bipod with a glue. I welded axles to the bracket and drilled holes in the bipod. I made springs for bipods made myself from a long spring . I printed Picatinny rail on a 3d printer, it fitted well in size. I will make diy sight based on the ordinary sight cost $6 and precisely I will make a body for it which will look exactly like the awp sight. The sight will be made of 3 parts. These parts I’ll cut on a lathe. I made holes in all parts of the sight and ground under the socket of the sight with the cutter for
wood. I made the rim from the cover from cleansing agent. I cut the glass from packaging. I glued parts of the sight with cold welding. The sight will be attached with rings made of PVC plastic. In order the rings were looking neatly I puttied them. In the end I’ll glue the rings to the Picatinny rail and the sight to the rings as the replacement of sight is not provided. Using a puncher I made circles. From them I’m going to do plugs on the adjusting bolts for an optical sight. Now the rifle has to be painted and covered with foil. I ordered printing on the tape in an advertising agency. I took textures from the original Dragon Lore skin. At first I practiced on small parts, cause I hadn’t dealt with the self-adhesive foil before. Before pasting details should be covered with a glossy varnish for the better adhesion of the foil to the details. I warmed the foil with the building dryer and pulled details by shape. I made a mistake with the texture size for the stock so I had to reprint it , but finally I got 680mm instead of 700mm. I noticed it already at home. I did not return it and tried to stretch it. I still managed to stretch the foil with a dryer and paste the stock with it. This way I glued the barrel and optical sight. Then I began targeting the optical sight and was surprised to see the rifle hits the sheet of paper as the sight was assembled from several parts. I slightly twisted the screw of horizontal adjustment and the rifle started to hit the aim. After some shots I adjusted the sight more and glued the plugs. Thanks everyone for your attention. If you like this video share it with your friends. See you in the next video!


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