💗💖Acrylic Nail Fill Tutorial: How to Apply and Blend into Cuticle Area💗💖

hi everyone in this video I’m going to explain in detail how to apply the acrylic and blend the acrylic into your cuticle line so your acrylic nails look like they are real and not artificial don’t forget to Like share and subscribe thanks for watching and enjoy the video I have not done my nails for four week and after four weeks all of the landmarks of the nail are now in a different location so we are going to have to blend and file the sidewalls and readjust the shape before we apply the acrylic you want to make sure that you blend the acrylic into the natural nail until the old acrylic is flush with the nail and then we’re going to thin the nail out a bit and file down the apex where the old apex was when you’re finished filing you’re going to make sure that you remove all the dust and debris off of the nail and around the cuticle line with a nail brush make sure that you scrub really good to get all of the debris out of there and then it’s time to prime, the primer only goes on the natural nail we’re going to pick up our ball of acrylic and place it where the old acrylic meets the natural nail you’re going to gently tap and push the acrylic up to the cuticle line you need to make sure that your brush does not touch the natural nail or it will ruin the bond between the acrylic and the natural nail and make sure the natural nail is completely covered before you start to press the acrylic up onto the nail one of the reasons people have problems with the lifting is because acrylic touches the skin and you don’t get all of the acrylic wiped off of the cuticle area i’m going to leave a tiny bit of that acrylic on there so you can see when it dries how it touches the skin and then I’m going to file it off so you can see if you ever get any on the skin where you need to file it off or that will be the area that it’s lifting the next time you go to do your nails when you apply your acrylic you want to make it has as thin and natural-looking as possible so you do not have to do very much filing right there is where i left that acrylic on the nail you can see it where it’s dried on the side and i’m going to pull the skin down with my file see how it popped away from the skin and now i’m going to get my nail file right up underneath there and file it off after you file each of the sidewalls nice and straight you’re going to need to determine the shape of your free edge i’m going to show you how to set your file on the tip of the nail find the center draw an imaginary point on the center of the nail so you can adjust the shape to file on the left side of the nail and the right side of the nail now very lightly you’re going to file around the beautiful line you don’t need to file hard we don’t need to file fast nice and slow so you don’t have anyones skin or your own skin and you want to keep filing until you don’t see any dust build-up now I’m just taking my buffer filing the shape a little bit get off all of those file marks that your nail file made if you leave any file mark in the in the acrylic you’re going to see it when you apply the Polish we’re gonna dust it off apply topcoat a little bit of cuticle oil and you are all done you guys learned something today don’t forget to Like share and subscribe and i hope to see you on my next video


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