#1 – SATISFACTION des ROLLING STONES, cinq notes qui ont ébranlé le monde

“Satisfaction, five notes that shook the World.” How does it work this thing ? Is it recording of not ? This is Rock ! That, is more Rhythm ’n’ Blues This is Rock ! History of rock, from its origins in the middle of the Fifties until these days, never stops adding to each key moments one more brick, to the imposing building that was being built. Satisfaction, is certainly one of the biggest, one of these bricks being a part of the fondations, as a Rock Around The Clock, or as a Johnny B. Goode. Wait a minute this is not Chuck Berry ! No, it’s Marty McFly ! He’s the one who invented rock ’n’ roll ! Oh yeah ? And how does he know the song Marty Mc Fly ? Real hymn for an all generation, Satisfaction is the first Stones single to be up of the UK and US billboard, before becoming the sound of the summer 65. Recorded in May 65 at RCA Studios in Los Angeles, the legendary five notes riff dreamed by Keith Richards in his sleep, would have come to him from the hit « Dancing in the Street », produced by the Berry Gordy’s Motown. So the guy wokes up in the middle of the night, he turns on his tape recorder, he plays its five notes, then goes back to sleep like an old shit recording his own snoring ? The process of creation of Satisfaction is forerunner of the how the couple Jagger/Richards will compose their songs for the years to come. Richards finding a riff on guitar, the general idea even the title of the song and Jagger taking care, as his mate says, about the dirty work. Keith is obsessed by this double-negation-phrase from the Chuck Berry’s « Thirty Days ». Then he took it back to him as « I Can’t Get No Satisfaction », that’s it, the myth is born *french quibble The punchy lyrics written by Jagger denounce an age ruled by advertising, the increasing of the consumer society and a sexual moral still stifled. The rigid conformism inherited from the Fifties is about to explode. While the nice Beatles, finishing to record their album Help, haven’t wrote protest songs yet as they will later. Satisfaction on its side, becomes the most subversive song of its time. And is considered as the symbol of an american young generation disillusioned and enrolled in the conflicts its elders. The musical structure of the song is a classic blues. *Originally, the Stones are purists of electrified Chicago Blues And the beat used by drummer Charlie Watts is a trendy beat at this period. That we could also find here… or even there. But the real novelty brought by Satisfaction to the musical landscape is the new fuzz distortion of the Maestro pedal from Gibson, that Richards is one of the first to use on a hit song. That particular sound, that Jimi Hendrix will use few years later, is the real touch of the song. The Fuzz effect is the first and one of the latest effect used by Richards throughout the career of the Stones. *sorry for the french version (which is funny 🙂 The famous fuzz effect had to be replaced at first by a copper instruments section, as Otis Redding did it few months later, by composing a new version of the song. The Stones’s manager, Andrew Loog Oldham, seeing in the first version recorded a success, didn’t wait for the change to release the song. About the Redding’s version, Richards said that it is closer to what he had in mind at the start. Other versions should be noted, like the one of band Devo, hybrid between Walter White and Michael Phelps. Or, be carefull, it’s mind blowing ! *old french rock singer from the Sixties That’s it, you know almost everything about Satisfaction, if you enjoyed the video, put some blue thumbs, green thumbs, etc. Meanwhile, I gonna play guitar. (you must laugh) (just one word) (just one word) First you’ve got to know that fucker. And you go to bed with it. If there’s no babe around, you sleep with it. She’s just the right shape.


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