100 Layers of Silly String!!! Trinity vs Madison | Challenge Accepted!!

– Dawson here walk back to my channel
before we get started like that’s good but that channel on Hana Kimi he’s read
up today with a spray bottle filling it first thing guy on you have
for Trinity she c’mere okay what do you need help with guys
safety is our number one priority uh you’re not the one now it’s time to
spray guys are you ready for this yeah Madison are you ready dude one-nothing
wanna count us down guys bassant a little scared buck my mom and me told
her lap she didn’t spray me one time all my legs so she can see how funny in it
all right Madison are you ready hair up like that now we’re gonna let you spin spray some
at your legs okay and go they just title ever follow her all in
the middle girls yeah doesn’t stickers come on take your stuff mine yeah
the hugest fall ever bottle a bit so I can bring it over here a little bit guys
you think I got the big file if you think tricky one say trade me one in the
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