3 PRO TIPS for Cat Litter Box Selection: Catit Rimmed Pan & Scoop Review

[Music] This is the 2nd video of a 2 part video series In this video we will be looking into Catit Scoop and Rimmed Cat Pan And why I think!, this could probably be 1 of the best cat litter pan out there Also, I will be sharing some Pro Tips along the way And If you missed the 1st video, where we review Catit Super Mix Cat Litter, I will be putting the link in the the description below First A special thanks to Starpet Products in this video are sponsored by Starpet. Starpet is the authorised sole distributor in South-East Asia which carry various well-known high quality and affordable cats, dogs and small animals products Catit, Marukan, Zoe and Stewart just to name some and much much more Do visit their site to find out more All links will be listed in the description below Whatsup everyone. And welcome to Just A Cat Lover A Channel where we reviews and unbox cats related products, so you don’t have too. Catit scoop are well build, as it is large and firm on the grip The scoop are well curve in design to eliminate litter from sticking to any corners Allowing for easy washing and cleaning The large holes help to filter unclump litter, making the litter last longer Do take note, you need a good clumping that do not break apart while scooping to rip the benefit of this scoop, such as Catit Super Mix Litter Catit scoop come in a affordable price of SGD5.07 or USD4.99 Lets jump into Catit Rimmed Cat Pan Pro Tip: There are 3 things that make a good litter box/pan 1) A large litter box that is about 1.5times a cat body length 2) High walls, as some cat might stand or do half squat while peeing 3) A open concept litter box/pan When doing their business cats are at their vulnerable state Hence they need to be aware of their surrounding for any incoming threats If you guys have cats that are having some sort of litter box issue, this Pro Tip could serve as a guide That being said, Catit Rimmed Cat Pan, meets all the requirements in our Pro Tip Another thing that is worth mentioning is that the Pan body are well curved Allowing for easy scooping on the edges and easy washing and cleaning later on Its rimmed are also smooth and curve. Leaving no sharp edges and a pleasant journey for the cats going in and out of the pan As of this recording, prices are as follows Do remember to Like, subscribe and ring the notification to get updates on future video e woud also love to know what do you want to next in our channel Do leave it in the comments below Thank you for watching Till then, I will see you in the next one

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