3D Acrylic Bouquet – Striped Effect Designer Nails Part 2

So, I have just been outside. We had a little break. Look what’s happened to my eye. Adam: Somebody punched you. Not me. Kirsty: No! This thing called hay fever. It was like as soon as I walked out of the door, the hay fever people…not that there’s hay fever people, the hay fever, basically just went… all of my allergies have just gone a little bit berserk. Adam: In one eye. Kirsty: Just in one eye though. Which I find a bit weird. So, it’s very sore. It’s very sore, so if you think, ”Oh my God, what’s happened to her eye?” Yeah, I’ve got hey fever. Sorry, guys! But you’ve got to crack on, haven’t you? So, we are going to do on these nails now, we’re gonna do some 3D work and we’re gonna add stones, of course bit of bling. So, this is how I look at the minute. So, I have Soft Pastel Pink, I have Soft Pastel Green and Fairy Godmother. I want to do tiny flowers. So, I’m gonna get each colour. I’m not just gonna make like a normal 3D Flower, I’m gonna do super tiny roses. They’re quite easy to do, especially when the room temperature is a bit crazy and I feel like I am in Barbados. It sets up a treat. You know, it just sets so well. The product does when it’s, you know, so hot. So, we’ve made this little like a little worm and then we’re gonna pick up this end. You’re gonna roll just using your brush and just roll it. So, we have this swirl that resembles a rose when they’re all together. They look like a little bouquet of flowers. I’m gonna do this with the colours that I have chosen. So, I’ve got my little flowers. I am gonna use a bit of Clear Acrylic. How cute? How cute is that? That is like, you could have that for like a bridesmaid or something, couldn’t you? Kirsty: It’s very bridesmaidy. Now, I’m gonna use the Pastel Green to make some pretty little leaves. It’s very vintage. Very vintage wedding I think this is. Adam: Very contemporary though. I think that this whole design as a whole, with obviously the straight lines… Kirsty: Yeah! Adam: …and the One-stroke, but that one definitely is more vintage. Kirsty: It’s got a vintage feel. We’re doing this simple, so we’re not gonna like make the little markings in the leaves or anything like that. We’re keeping it very simple just like the flowers. So, it’s got that soft look. I’m just gonna use my brush to create the shape just like I have this one. I’m gonna press in here and press there and there just to make that shape. I’ve just pressed each side and press through the middle. Make you sure you’ve got a nice clean little point to give it a little bend, that always looks pretty cute. So, we’re gonna continue by adding a little bit more One-stroke and a bit of bling because it wouldn’t be a Kirsty Meakin nail if didn’t have a bit of sparkle. So, we’ve added a little bit more bling and some of the microbeads as well. I think they tie in really nice. We’re gonna put some Pink Pineapple Cuticle Oil on. Is that a helicopter outside, I hear? Adam: Is that your lift home? Kirsty: It is. It’s not. It’s Damien just doing the grass. Mowing the lawn. Right! Just gonna rub that in. Adam: Do you realize everyone is gonna be asking,”Who’s Damien?” He’s the gardener. Kirsty: So, we have the stripey rose, that’s one of my favorites and then, we’ve got this sort of, I like how we’ve got just this portion here. I do like this one, I do. Because I love the fact that you can see the Baby-boomer underneath. So, this’d be perfect if somebody wants to change their Baby-boomer set into something a little bit more fabulous. So, we’ve used that Baby-boomer underneath as a nice contrast to the stripes that have that gorgeous ombre and the flowers. This is my favorite on this set because it’s so cute. So, we’ve got these gorgeous little cute roll flowers. It’s so easy to make and all I’ve done is added a few stones, microbeads, I’ve even squeezed a little stone right in there and then we’ve got the pinky. Now, the pink is really difficult to do a lot of art on because it’s so small but I think we’ve nailed that one by doing those stripes on there, a little bit of One-stroke. I just did some leaves and then the stones with the microbeads. I think they match my hair. Not done that on purpose at all. How sweaty am I? So hot out there. It’s ridiculous. It’s even melting the tarmac. So, the tarmac outside which is on the roads is melting and causing chaos. In America and places that are really hot, don’t know why I said America because I’m sure there’s hotter countries than America. Adam: I was gonna say there’s some very cold bits of America. Kirsty: Yeah! They don’t have tarmac, don’t they? It’s just all concrete. Adam: I have no idea. Kirsty: Yeah, it’s all concrete because the tarmac melts. Well, we’ve got an issue in England at the minute. The tarmac on the roads is melting, causing havoc and making me sweat, very shiny. Never mind, and making me have this nasty hay fever business, but anyway, we’re not gonna moan. Oh, we’re not gonna moan about it. I hope you’ve enjoyed the video of me doing my nails. Doing the stripe effect. I love them. Few little different ways to get you stripes and gorgeous flowers and even a stripey flower. I hope you’ve enjoyed that. Everything that I’ve used today will be listed below as always and I will see you guys in the next video. So, please keep watching and subscribe, like and all that shebang. See you later. Bye-bye!


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