3D Sculpted Acrylic Unicorn – Kirsty’s Christmas Tree Decoration Nail Design –

Hi. I’m Kirsty Meakin from Naio Nails. In this video, we are going to do a Christmas tree inspired design. but not any normal Christmas tree inspired design. We’re gonna do a nail inspired by my Christmas tree and my Christmas tree has things like this on. This goes on the top of my Christmas tree. Isn’t she gorgeous? So, last year you may have known I was hunting high and low for unicorn decorations, suddenly couldn’t find any, so, but this year we did it, didn’t we? Yeah! We got unicorn, didn’t we? Yeah! I’m excited! I have things like this on as well. Glass Bauble with a little unicorn inside. Oh my God! It’s just amazing. I just love it! So cute! So, the color scheme is kinda like this. So, I think it’s like this one as well. I’m allergic to feathers, so I can’t really touch them but they look so nice. So, it’s like a rose gold kind of pinky theme that we’ve got going on with the tree. So, we’re gonna work with that and we’re gonna make it snowy. My trees got snow on it as well, real obviously, because that cold in Stoke on Trent. So, we’re gonna to put a bit of snow, we’re gonna work with these soft colors and do an alternative Unicorn Christmas nail. So, we gonna work on the tip. I’m gonna break everything down, show you step by step. I’m gonna lay a background down first. So, I have some gorgeous colors here. Check them out. They are a bit beautiful. And these are the numbers to the colours. They may have names. If you are doing this on a natural nail, you would need to put on a base coat first but because we’re using a tip, we don’t need to. Oh, just look at that! Ooh! I am in love with that already. That’s a JJ colour that, isn’t it? JJ would love this colour. And then while that one’s wet, I’m gonna feed this a bit, of this other colour into it, just to make it even more interesting or a bit different. Now, pop that into the lamp. We just need one layer of that. I’m gonna top coat that with the urban graffiti top coat. And then, we’re gonna cure that. I might even put this nail on the Christmas tree. Adam: I think you should put them all on the Christmas tree. Kirsty: But this one would just go. Think I need to do that. Adam: ******
Kirsty: But this one would just go think I need to do that. Kirsty: But this one would just go think I need to do that. So, we’ve got our background sorted and we’re gonna use some warm beige and we’re gonna use shell as well because I think those colours will match her beauty. We’re gonna map it out first. I’m gonna use shell. So, we like to map it out first, so we add…I like to map things out a little bit first with a wet bead. So I know where everything’s going, I can get the composition right. And we’ll take that off because I want to bring it further down. Good thing about working on a nice shiny surface is, you can do that. So, she’s gotta be a little bit further down, and a neck will come along here. So, you can see we’ve mapped it out. Now, we’re gonna start to add dimension to it. They’ll take a lot of patting and pressing to get everything just like you want it. You gonna open this part out here for an eye. And I’m gonna start the snout. Is it called a snout? Adam: No! Kirsty: What is it called? Nose? There’s mouth fairy. Adam: I don’t know. Kirsty: I think we’ve had this discussion before. Adam: It was about Bear though Kirsty: oooohhh, It was a snout for a bear Adam: Think so, no it’s a muzzle. Kirsty: A muzzle/ Adam: Yeah. Kirsty: Maybe it’s a muzzlewith a horse. Oh, It’s not horse, unicorn. God! How dare I insult the unicorn by calling it a horse? Adam: let’s have a look. So, you really want to define that eye-socket. Then we’re gonna do the nostrils. Feather it out to brush it back. So, it all joins really nice. It’s quite square on the end and then we have, we can see this nostril here and a little bit of that one there. So, we’re gonna add a little bead here, which will be like the bottom lip of her mouth. You want to keep them separate, so you keep that definition. You can always run the brush across like that just to keep that defined. Okay, so we need some ears as well. I’m gonna add some thickness to the neck now, to make this 3D, and not a little bit of acrylic with some dimension. With the warm beige, I’m gonna add a little bit of definition around the nostril. We have a slight difference of colour. We’ll do the same on the ear. Like that. I’m gonna use a bit of the warm beige over the top of her eyes while, which will sort of highlight it as well and down the sides up her snout/muzzle whatever. What are we calling this? We haven’t figured this out. I’m gonna get a little bit of white… a bit of white acrylic. Will feed that into the eye socket. It’s easier to do the socket and then just filll it. And the eye does look like it actually sat inside, rather than protruding outside. And then, for her main, we are going to use soft pastel peach. I just draw it down here first. Pull the brush through to create the texture for her hair. I’m gonna continue this hair I’ve made all the way down here. So you want it to sort of wave down. So, we need some of her mane coming over here now. Don’t forget to leave space for the horn. What I’m gonna do now is get some clear acrylic. I’m going to place that where her horn is going because we’re using the crystal for the horn. Adam: why not?
Kirsty: Why not? Super sparkly. We’re gonna put a little bit of hair around the horn. So, you can’t really see the connection. We’re hiding the connection with the hair, you can’t see where there the join of this stone is. I like it! We need to paint her iron. What I’m gonna do is, do a basic eye, so we’re gonna use a brown coloured paint. This is burnt sienna So, I’ve just watered down some of the brown, and I did some eyelashes. She’s got on some fat eyelashes going on, I think. I’m gonna add a little bit of brown into the nostrils, just to define them and tiny bit along by her mouth. Right! To make this more Christmassy because you know, I have unicorn on my Christmas tree and my Christmas tree has snow on it, we’re gonna add some snow and I do Love doing a bit of snow. We’re gonna use some snow white from the urban graffiti gel polish range and detailing brush. We’re gonna add some snow as if it’s gathered across the top of this nail. There’s no right or wrong way to do that, just make it more, you know, irregular. It will look best. Then, we’re gonna do some little snowflakes falling down because it does snow where the unicorns live. Adam: So, where do unicorns live? Kirsty: In the land of unicorns. have you’ve not been there, if you don’t have an invite. Right! What we’re gonna do now is, we are going to make it snow. Let it snow! Let it snow!! Let it snow all over the nail with the white acrylic. Tap off the excess and then we’re gonna pop that into the lamp. Now, you’re going to dust off the excess and wipe the face over. So to seal the paint, I’m gonna go over with brush-on glue, and I’m gonna do that all over, we don’t want to just do it where the eye is because it would be shinier than the rest. You want it to all match. So, just put a little white dot there as a reflection. And then what I’m gonna do is get some mega gloss on the end of a dotting tool. Oh, she’s beautiful! Adam: Christmas unicorn. Kirst: Yeah! Who said Christmas wasn’t meant for unicorns? It was. Yeah! ”This is like your daughter. This is your daughter. Do you like it, do you?” ”Yeah! She cute.” “Can you wait to go?” ”No!”, “Should I put you on the Christmas tree?” ”Yeah!” So, there you are guys! I hope you’ve enjoyed that video as much as I have. You too can make yourself a unicorn Christmas nail. All the products that we’ve used today will be listed below as always. Don’t forget to subscribe and share! And check us out in the next video. See you later. Merry Christmas! Bye bye! Do you like how I put the crown on her head as well? This is like the decoration and I just give her a little crown, so she’s like the queen of the unicorns.


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