5 DIY Perler Bead Emoji Room Décor Projects!

Hey everyone, you’re watching QDCrafts and
today I’ll be showing 5 perler bead emoji diys that I think are really great summer
projects. Some of you have requested perler bead emoji
projects for the longest time and I thought I’d make a 5 in 1 video once again. Now with that said, let’s start with the
easiest project, which is emoji photo holders. To make a picture holder, I created this outline
of an emoji using cheddar coloured beads and you can just pause the video at any time to
copy the templates down. I chose to make this into a sunglasses wearing
emoji since it’s finally summer and I filled the rest up with yellow beads. And now, to fuse the beads together, I placed a piece of parchment paper on top and with my iron preheated at number 3 which is the polyester setting I ironed both sides. I recommend keeping a heavy object on top
of your perler bead sprite until it cools down so that this way it keeps it flat and
once that is done you can peel it off which is really satisfying and this is what it looks
like. I made a second one that’s exactly the same
and to connect them to the picture holder, which is just a clothes pin, I got my good
old glue gun to help with that. I tried my best to place the clothes pin right
in the middle of the face and also attach the other piece so that they’re all aligned
together. Once the glue sets, it can now stand up on
it’s own and when you press down on the clothes pin, it opens up for you to put in
a photo or notes. You can choose whatever expression you like,
I made a second one with heart eyes because it’ll be used for my beloved photo cards
and that’s the first diy! The next diy is an emoji container that you
can use to store some small items such as pins, charms, money, whatever fits. For this project you’ll need a circular
pegboard and I just filled up the whole thing using yellow beads to make the cover and bottom
of the container. So, I made 2 of these pieces. The next piece is just the outline of the
pegboard and I made this 7 times to create the container body. With all the pieces ironed, I have a cover
that I’ll add a face to and the bottom of the container. All these rings will be glued together to
form the chamber so that means I’ll have to bring out my glue gun again and glue all
these pieces on top of each other. With the container done, now it’s time to
decorate the cover of the container. First I got 4 individual beads and glued these
near the edge of the cover so that these act as little pegs that prevent the cover from
sliding off. Make sure that all the pegs fit into the container
and finally I can decorate the cover with mini beads to create a face. I made two eyes and an open mouth to make
the surprised or wow emoji, and to iron, I set it at 1 since mini beads melt a lot faster. Lastly, I placed the eyes and mouth into position
on the cover and glued all the mini bead pieces on. That’s how you make a little emoji container
that can hold some of your tiny
belongings. 3 more diys to go! The third diy is a fire emoji phone holder..yeah
I have no idea how or why I came up with this. But anyway, by now you should know how the
perler beading process works, just copy the pattern onto your pegboard and iron the beads. These are all the pieces that I made, the
main fire emoji piece can fit on one pegboard and here’s a close up of my original design. The colours used are red, orange, butterscotch,
yellow, pastel yellow and creme. This is the second largest piece and I made
it so that it kind of blends in with the main piece when you look directly at it from the
back. Here is the bottom piece and the two side
pieces. When you have all these pieces, it’s time
to click them all together like you’re assembling a 3D puzzle. Now diy #3 is finished, you see it’s not
that hard to assemble, but it just takes a lot of time to make all those pieces. Oh and keep in mind, I designed this to fit
my Samsung s5 Neo so I’m not sure if your phone will fit if it’s different. Other than that, now I can keep my phone standing
up to watch videos or listen to music. Next up for diy #4, I’ll be showing you
how to make this emoji coin bank. To start off, this is the outline of the emoji
made out of butterscotch beads and it’s up to you to choose which face you’d like
to design. I chose the awkward smile or super smiley
emoji and filled the entire thing with cheddar beads. Take note that there are two spaces left near
the bottom of the face that will be used to connect the piggy bank cap. For the middle pieces, I made 3 of this piece
and then these two pieces here that will leave an opening for the money to go in. When you iron these big, flimsy pieces, you
should use the masking tape method otherwise you can easily mess it up and the pieces will
break. And now, it’s time to glue all of these
pieces together. I’m using this gorilla super glue since
it sets a lot slower than hot glue and I can have some time to adjust the pieces to the
correct position before it dries . I also used some pins to help keep the pieces pressed
together tightly. This part is pretty straight forward so I’ll
let you enjoy some music while you watch me glue the pieces. You can leave a heavy book on top as it dries
and in the meantime, this is the design for the cap of the emoji bank. The width of this piece may be different depending
on how much you iron the middle pieces of the emoji. I have 4 layers in between the two face pieces,
but I only have 3 beads for the width of the cap and that happens to make the cap fit perfectly
into the leftover space. Yay now I can use this emoji bank to hold
my loonies and toonies. Those are Canadian coins by the way shout
out to my fellow Canadians, Happy Canada Day 150. Last but not least, diy #5 is an emoji tissue
box holder. This is the outline of the first piece and
all the pieces will take up almost the entire pegboard so prepare to use a lot of beads. I used butterscotch for the outline of the
emoji and I designed this sweating face by trying to replicate this image. Of course, make sure you don’t fill up the
mouth because that’s where the tissues will come out of and now you can just fill up the
background with whatever pattern you like. Because these pieces are so big, you’ll
need to use masking tape to take all the beads off the board and then readjust some of the
side beads to make sure they’ll fuse properly with the rest. To iron huge pieces, I usually set my iron
a bit higher, at around number 4, which is the cotton setting and as usual I am ironing
both sides of the beads and placing something heavy on top before peeling off the ironing
paper. As you can see, I made two pieces with the
same general shape, but the patterns for the emoji and background are different This is the second shape and I’m doing the
same thing as I did for the first one. I tried mixing in some Artkal beads with this
one to see if they work with perler beads and I attempted to make a marble like background. I’d say that you can’t really tell the
difference between perler and artkal beads, so you can try using those too in your designs. Here’s the last one to follow and I used
a laughing emoji with a rainbow background. You should have 6 pieces in total with 3 unique
shapes and finally, the best part, assembly! The tissue box I’m using has the dimensions
13 x 11 x 10.5 cm, so hopefully you can find one that fits inside. And lastly, put the tissue through the mouth
and you are done. You can switch up the pieces so that the tissues
go through a different emoji and now when you’re ugly crying from that k-drama or
when you fan girl too hard, at least you have a nice tissue box. So those are all the DIYs I have for today,
I hope you liked at least one of them. If you do then don’t forget to hit the thumbs
up button and subscribe if you’re new. Thanks so much for watching and I’ll see
you guys next time with another QDCraft. Goodbye!


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