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hello everyone welcome again to a
earrings exquisite tutorial today I’m going to be showing you just how to make
something really simple with your kids with the children in your school if you
work as a teacher it’s just a very simple bracelet and I’m going to be
showing you what to do so all you need is your wire and a wire cutter and uh appliance so let’s get started you need
your wire cutter just to cut the wire and you need this tool a chain nose
plier okay so you’re gonna cut about maybe like 30
inches which is maybe like right here 30 inches of wire are you gonna take this
flyer and you’re just going to roll make coils like that you just make a coil then I’m
gonna take this chain nose plier and I’m just gonna make sure it’s straight and
just bend it a little bit and then it’s gonna be a bracelet got a nice bracelet
or it’s an ankle bracelet but you can wear it for your arm and I’ll show you
the different ways that you can style this so anyways get started so I have my
beads here when you do this part the coiling that’s just going to stop the
beads from falling off so I’m gonna take my beads and I’m gonna get started and
I’m using these really cool piece tonight they shiny they look like they
glow in the dark I don’t think they do but they’re very cool cool colors and
I’m gonna mix them with some beads like this
so let’s get started so all you do now let’s just start putting your beads on
scene so that it doesn’t fall off so now I’m just gonna start putting beads on
make it nice and colorful I’m just gonna mix up the colors make it
nice just putting deep try to do different colors put it online and it
should be really cool ping all the colors are just gonna be to sort it see
how it’s coming out like this this grab in any color cause you know
I’m just mixing them up it’s a really simple tutorial it’s not hard to do it’s just gonna keep putting these
meetings on just like this just grab your colors like any color ankle brace
any type of candy for you angel if you want it could be for your arm a bracelet
and this is like one of the easiest tutorials you just keep putting a bezel I really love this guy’s halfway putting the mine bracelet this will be
your clothes I’m getting there guys getting there and it looks like a third
course that I would teach and I thought about knitting and crocheting but I’m
not sure if I really want to do that or if I want to do awesome crap once or
twice and then or do jury making course twice and I’ve been leaning more towards
doing the jewelry making course twice so let’s see once I get there I’m thinking
about it I really needed more on doing the jury making clothes twice because I
think that’ll be fun you think I make all kind of fun things
with the kids as they really love it you know we make feather earrings earrings I
have flip phones for them because I teach from the agents of kindergarten to
the second grade in arson France this is just a love for
me and I’ve also sell jury by evening if you go to earrings exquisite on Etsy you
see my website I sold up here i’m elora earrings the
other day my specialty are the menorah earrings that I made there are a lot of
work to me takes me about two days I’m just trying to sell going to make when I’m up from work and I have a
little time over someone you know that’s something that I could you know do also
get out to the flea market and sell my material have some luck with that my
mother tried that so we’re almost there guys I got a little bit more for the one
and then I’m gonna close it up and I’m surprised because I really thought I
would run out say this is like a rainbow okay so I’m down to the last one now I
have just a little bit of wire left like this folks and I’m just gonna take it my pliers and hold it and I’m gonna boil
right it’s gonna keep boiling back and close
it up make sure it’s closed tight close tight see and then I take this fire so
it’s ready so now when you do it I’m gonna take it and you just wrap it like
this because it’s riah and just wrap it check it out see it’s like this
let’s do it again maybe I should hit it with a lighter wire but it’s basically
it’s just gonna so guys I think these beads was too
heavy for this tutorial but look how that would look what what I could do is
what do I have to do just put on the jump ring and all I had to do was just
add a jump ring man if I had to jump in there that’s what you beget and it would
look like that so isn’t that cool and this is my tutorial guys it’s how we go
or maybe I can just take this and put it between the air like this or you could
be a cool necklace go around your neck like that guys hold on for minutes and I’m gonna
show you what else how else
I’m just going to run and get a jump ring I’ll be right back
yes I’m back and so how I could fix that is I just take a jump ring and I hold it
with this tool and I put it on like this I just wanted
to show you like this and now you have a necklace
it could be wanted to do now it’s a necklace so I can just wear it like this
or I can make it as a bracelet and just do like this there you go
now I have a bracelet or I win mess with the feet I actually wanted it to be a
different kind of bracelet but this is cool – looks like this one this side I
like that on that side or as I say it you can pull it off and then it could be
a necklace so thank you today for watching earrings exquisite tutorials my
name is Trish Trish if you like my video I’ll subscribe please leave your
comments I love comments hit the bell comment please I love all comments
subscribe to the Bell Connie and thank you again for watching
earrings exquisite tutorials and enjoy the rest of thing thank you

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