A Huge Pearl Has Been Destroying Marriages Since the 1500s

if diamonds are a girl’s best friend
then what would you call a cursed pearl that destroys marriages her worst enemy
well if so then one pearl in particular managed to make plenty of enemies over
centuries of ruining its owners love lives for about 300 years the infamous
la peregrina pearl was the largest to have ever have been found originally
weighing in just shy of 56 carats or about 11 grams it’s also one of the most
perfectly pear-shaped pearls known but perhaps it would have been better had
this beautifully symmetric pearl never been discovered at all before you get to
know all the marriages this supposedly cursed pearl has broken up over the
years let’s first go way back in time to the very beginning of a la peregrina is
rich history as the story goes it was a slave in Panama who found the pearl in
the early 1500s imagine being such a poor man and coming across something so
valuable but he didn’t keep it for himself and flee he handed it over to
the authorities maybe he was hoping they’d grant him his freedom for this
treasure it was a smart move because that’s exactly what they did since
Panama was a Spanish colony at the time la peregrina was then immediately handed
over to prince philip ii of spain the prince would later become the king who
had married the first of england she was his second wife by the way the first one
didn’t work out hmm King Philip presented his new bride with
the mesmerizing pearl as a wedding present how thoughtful I imagine they
had a long happy marriage right well if they did then this would be a really
short video hey you should know how this story ends by now Mary and Philip never
got divorced but it is known that the King left her not long after tying the
knot he never came back not even when Mary got extremely ill
now to be fair there’s more than one reason why Filip might have decided to
leave his new wife well if you don’t count the fact that apparently he didn’t
find Mary to be as attractive as she was in the portraits of her that he had been
shown while the Queen might have fallen head over heels in love with the king
after seeing a painting of his highness the feelings weren’t mutual she was
infatuated with him but he’d only agreed to the marriage for strategic purposes
granted that was a common occurrence among world monarchies at the time
anyway once he got his new title as king of both Spain and England he pretty much
booked it out of there oh yeah and there’s one more minor
detail that could have played a role you see Mary was quite contrary known as
Bloody Mary yes the one and only let’s just say this ruthless Queen had a taste
for getting rid of people she didn’t like very much that could have been why
Phillip left or it could have been the tidal thing Mary’s not so enticing looks
or given the victims yet to come it may have been the cursed pearl at work mary
did cherish her gift and liked to wear it as a pendant
there are even paintings of her with a pear-shaped treasure hanging around her
neck but after she passed away in 1558 the pearl was returned to Phillip now
this sounds like something straight out of a soap opera but the Spanish king
tried to give la peregrina to mary’s half-sister and successor elizabeth the
first as a way to propose marriage but if you know anything about the good
Queen Bess you’ll know that she immediately rejected him and any other
man that tried for that matter so Phillip kept his big shiny pearl and it
stayed with the Spanish crown for the next 250 years he married a third and
fourth time which only served to verify the bad luck and love that this treasure
brought with it fast forward to the time of his grandson Philip the fourth who
presented la peregrina to his second wife Mary Anna after she passed away in
1696 little was heard of the pearl for a
hundred years until it reappeared in history with Joseph Bonaparte
you might recognize that famous surname well after Napoleon Bonaparte had
declared himself emperor of France he made his older brother Joseph the king
of Spain which meant that his wife Julie Clary would be queen she was the next
lucky lady to receive the pearl as a gift from her husband but it wasn’t as
if those two were just a couple of lovebirds either Julie preferred to live
with her family at their chateau instead of with her husband earning her the
nickname the absent Queen like with Mary and Philip the curse didn’t affect these
two to the point of divorce but they pretty much live totally separate lives
in his will Joseph left la peregrina to his nephew
Napoleon the third it was also around this time that the Pearl got its famous
name which translates to the wanderer and is no wonder given how many hands
had passed through by this point unfortunately but not so surprisingly
Napoleon the thirds marriage with his wife Eugenie de montijo also wasn’t a
happy one from Napoleon it was sold to an English Duke by the name of James
Hamilton in 1848 he bought the pearl for his wife Louisa
now this couples love was too strong for any curse and they had a good and happy
marriage but perhaps the Pearl was up to other
schemes by that louisa almost lost the thing twice once in a sofa and another
time at a ball but it wasn’t irresponsibility on the duchess his part
it’s just that the Pearl was so heavy it could easily fall out of its necklace
their oldest son inherited the Jim and had it drilled so that his wife could
wear it without losing it the pearl was eventually sold by the fourth Duke to a
London jewelry dealer in 1969 the jeweler put it up for auction and it was
bought by actor Richard burden for an astounding 37 thousand dollars he gave
it to his wife as a present for Valentine’s Day
I’m sure you’ve heard of his spouse the one and only Elizabeth Taylor also known
for her famous roles on screen another thing the actress is associated
with is her reputation as probably one of the most unlucky people when it comes
to love now Liz had been married four times before she got hitched with Burton
in 1964 so when he presented his lovely wife with a cursed pearl I imagine he
double sealed the fate on their marriage forever that is he wasn’t the first and
he wouldn’t be the last anyway as if Taylor hadn’t already seen enough bad
luck up to this point the night she received the pearl it went missing maybe
the universe was desperately trying to put an end to this curse it had tried
and failed twice with the Duchess Louisa so perhaps this time would be it in any
case Taylor looked everywhere and couldn’t find the precious pearl but
just as she was about to lose all hope she saw one of her Pekinese pups chewing
on something white she thought it was a bone but to her surprise it was her
brand-new pearl ah so it was her dog trying to save her love life not the
universe the pooch sped up the $37,000 pearl and Liz’s fate was sealed okay
there’s no proof that Lapera Gina was to blame for these two actors failed
marriage but on the other hand there’s also no proof that it wasn’t in fact
Burton and Taylor married and divorced each other twice but hey maybe this
union was the luckiest in all of Taylor’s marriages because Burton was
the only man out of seven that she’d tried twice with after their second
divorce in 1976 Elizabeth did not get rid of the pearl she simply had it
redesigned into a necklace with other pearls diamonds and rubies she then
married again and again but after her 1996 divorce with husband number seven
Taylor decided to tap out of the marriage game for good in the end la
peregrina The Wanderer really lived up to its name
traveling through time crossing continents from a slave to
kings and queens to Hollywood actors and leaving ruined marriages in its wake
are you wondering where the Pearl is today it was sold at Christie’s auction
house on December 14th 2011 to a private buyer for a whopping eleven point eight
million dollars as for the person who bought it it’s hard to know how their
love life is going let’s just hope the curse is over and all is well with them
so do you think la peregrina was the reason for these multiple failed
marriages or was it just coincidence let me know your theories down in the
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