Akoya pearls or freshwater pearls?

Welcome to Raleigh Diamond! It’s a great day because I just got some new
friends in from one of our favorite suppliers, Imperial Pearl. These are Akoya strands — so, salt and cold
water pearls, cultured in Japan. Now, these are a special high luster set that
comes from just one farm, one oyster-producing farm, in Japan. They are very hard to match and get this super,
super-high luster, that pink roset tone. These are magnificent examples of what a beautiful
Akoya pearl should look like. These come in a very limited supply. They can only do eighteen inch-strands of
these because they come from only one farm in Japan. Again, I cannot explain what a limited supply
these are. You’ll be hard-pressed to find a prettier
Akoya pearl, especially at these prices. Now, the other treat that they brought by
yesterday is this huge strand of Windsor pearls. These are their cultured, freshwater pearls
and you can see they are ginormous! Now, they don’t have the same luster or perfection
that our Akoyas do, but good golly Miss Molly, even from all the way over here, they certainly
stand out! Now, come in and check out these and all of
our other awesome pearl selections here at Raleigh Diamond and I’m looking forward to
seeing ya.

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