Applying Square Cane Slices To Round Polymer Clay Beads

Hi guys, its Cindy Lietz, your Polymer Clay
Tutor, and today’s PcT Mini Tute is how to put square cane slices on a round Polymer
Clay Bead. So, a little while ago, I showed you how to
put round slices on a round bead, and this time I’m gonna show you how to put square
slices on, it’s not that it’s terribly hard, but it’s…there are some little tricks. So you’ve got a square cane like this, and
I’m running low on this one… it’s getting down, it’s an old Tribal cane that I have
from an old tutorial, and I want to put it onto a round bead like this one here, and
it’s hard to know how to do that and how to evenly place it, but there is a really cool
little trick. So what you wanna do is you can either manipulate
the size of the cane or the size of your core bead, but I’ve got some scrap clay here in
the same kind of colors, it doesn’t matter that much but just in case some background
shows through, you wanna go with something similar. Alright, so what I’m gonna do is I’m going
to… instead of manipulating the cane, I’m going to manipulate the core, and I’m gonna
try to make it about the same height and the same… approximately the same size, so that
when I take slices off of this cane, I can add them to a square bead, so I’m just gonna…I’ve
got it the general size of that other cane, and then I’m gonna cut a square bead from
that. Now you could cut a whole bunch of them so
that they’re exactly the same size, and you can measure that out, and I have videos and
things on that, but…so here I have a little square cube, and then what I’m gonna do…and
you’re probably wondering why I’m doing squares when I was talking about round beads,
we’ll we’re gonna add the canes to a square bead first, and then round it off. So here I go, I’ve got my little square cube
of scrap clay and I’m gonna take a slice of the square cane and put that on, and I’m gonna
need 6, so I’ve already cut 4, you could cut them by hand, use any of the machines I’ve
shown you before, whatever you need to do, I’m just gonna cut a couple of them. I always go a little thicker than you might
think, people try to stretch their canes too far, but if you make the slices too thin,
then you can’t sand the bead later, or you can’t, you know, take off any imperfections. Okay, so now I’ve got one slice on there,
and I’m gonna put slices around each side, so I’m gonna go around the middle first, and
then I’m going to put the last one there, and then I need one on the top and the bottom…sometimes
it gets a little bit out of shape, so you can just manipulate it a little bit, and add
another one to the top, and I’ll do the same to the side, like that. Now, you still will have a few little gaps
and things around where the edges are, so what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna take a
round knitting needle or one of these Pearl and Etch tools, and we’re just gonna roll
those edges toward each other…so if you’ve got quite a thick slice then you can do that
quite easily, you have enough material to stretch in around and we’re just gonna roll
those towards each other and erase that little seam, do that some more. Now, say you’ve got piece like this where
this background is showing through, you can either use like a pointed tool like this or
a needle if it’s a really skinny area, just like a pin or something, and you just sorta
press down in that spot to push it out of the way, so that the top area has more room
to stretch over. So we can do that, seal that one up, do that
one here, I’m gonna push that in a little and stretch that one around, now I’ve gone
around all…around the four sides, now I’d need to go around all the top, once you’ve
done this and sealed up all those edges, then you have a nice little cube bead that looks
decent, and then you can either leave it as a cube, but I wanted to show you that you
can do it as a round bead as well, so as soon as I’m done this, I will start rolling it
in my hands…I’ll get this edge, oh, I could have been a little more gentle with
that edge, it’s a little squished, but I’m trying to hurry here. Alright so, now we have a little cube, we
could either square it up, and make it into a little cube bead, which is quite cute or
you can make it round. So the best way to make it round, is to kinda
just push in the corners a bit, so that it’s already becoming kind of rounded, and you’re
not gonna fold over any of those pointy corners, and then you just roll it in your hands. So keep this one steady, press hard on the
top one, go back and forth and back and forth and back and forth in little tiny circles,
if you do big ones, they’ll turn into a football shape so you don’t wanna do that, just little
ones, press hard and it erases those little creases in the corner, and now you have square
canes evenly distributed on a round bead, alright? Now you can do a similar trick like this if
you had a round cane….now do I have something handy? Let’s see…oh it’s not that easy to get
at, here’s something, okay, but if you had a round cane for example, you could also put
it on a square cane by squaring it up, so you could square up your round cane, take
slices of it, and put it on a square bead, if you know what I mean, and you could end
up with round canes on square beads, or whatever you want there, so I just thought I’d point
that out as well. So I hope that was a helpful tip for you,
and if it was, do make sure to let us know if you like this video. And also, if you have any questions about
Polymer Clay, techniques, things you’d like us to test, products you’d like us to demo,
whatever, what you can do is look through the videos that we have, because the chances
are we’ve probably already done a video on it, and if we haven’t, you can leave your
suggestions in the comment section below, and we’ll see if we can make a video for you,
alright? So we’ll see you next time and bye for now.


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