Arabian Pearl | Al Suwaidi Farm

Of course, we work with natural oysters This oyster is 2 to 3 months old It is placed in such baskets hanging in the sea to eat and live in 100% natural way After completing 3 months, we will move to these baskets for 6 months until a large size is suitable for the pollination process on the issue of pearl extraction After full month inside the black box pierced from the sides to enter the oxygen, water, food to sleeps and relax for a month After relaxation, the fertilization process, after vaccination is placed in a window such as this for a whole month After this month, oysters are extracted from this net and placed in this rectangular grille for one year After a year, the Pearl is formed and the oysters are opened and the pearl is extracted We will show you how it works Oysters live in the sea in this way Look We take care of them cleaning it once in a week That is simple natural process to open and extract oysters Of course this plankton, which is attached to oysters needs to be cleaned once a week This is alive oyster with closed mouth and coherent This is natural alive oyster Look at this oyster, now we will open it It’s closed because its alive After the opening we look for the pearl Bismillah Look at the pearl Look Beautiful one of the most beautiful thing God created Wash it with fresh water Alhamdulillah Great support has been done from Government Authorities Specially, I appreciate and grateful to the Minister of Economy and his team for their support and to the Minister of Climate Change and Environment and its working team who see a bright future in this project Alhamdulillah The future is bright We will restore the historical resources to stabilize the pillars of our great history in producing natural pearls Continuously producing accessing international markets

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