Backwash Demo of Bubble Bead Filter! Robust, dependable filtration for ponds!

Hi! I’m Paul Begue, AST systems designer.
What you just saw was a koi rearing tank at our New Orleans facility. The filter operating
this is a Bubble Bead filter. Alright so, This filter operating this tank and
this tank here. This is our rearing section for our koi. Alright. So what I’m going to do is talk a
little bit about the Bubble Bead Filter, how it operates. The best way to do that
is to look at this filter, right over here, Which is half of a bubble bead
filter. We can see what’s actually going on inside. Alright. So if we look
closely here, water comes into the bottom fills the beads of bead media, floating
media, floats up to the top. Clear water comes out of the top. If you
want to come around to the side, you can see water leaving out through the top,
going down to a sump here at the bottom and then just cycling on itself. Okay? So
if we look here, this is our air in. This is our filtration chamber. This is our
washing throat; this section right here. Okay? So what I want to do is show you
how a backwash operates. So very simply if you want to look around at the back, I
turn a three-way valve or diverter valve and now I am draining the beads. A bubble
is being sucked inside shaking the bead media and all of the solids off of the
beads. Alright so, Once these solids drain all the way out–
you see all these solids leaving here– Our backwash is nearly complete. Now what
we do next is we turn that valve back to the original position and then we start
refilling. So these beads are floating beads again, they’re going to compress
back up against the top and then we’re filtering again. So here it only took 30
seconds, where over here it might take anywhere from two to three minutes to
get a full drain and then refill so that you’re filtering the water again.
Alright so once these beads compress back up against the top. Solids will begin to
get captured within the beads and then we’re gonna have nice clear water on the
back end. Alright so stay tuned for more videos on the Bubble Bead Filter.
Thanks for tuning in!


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