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– Hey everyone, I’m chef
Tom with All Things Barbecue and today I’m here to talk about our BBQr’s Delight wood pellets. (whizzing) – BBQr’s Delight pellets are our go to here at All Things Barbecue. So whether we’re cooking in
the Yoder Smokers pellet grill or the Uuni wood fired oven or using a device like
the A-MAZE-N smoke tube BBQr’s Delight is the only brand we trust. The big reason is that
BBQr’s Delight pellets are consistent from bag to bag, flavor to flavor. A big factor in that consistency is that all BBQr’s Delight pellets are made up of two thirds oak and one third of the
flavor wood being used. So an oak pellet is 100% oak, whereas a hickory pellet is two thirds oak and one third hickory. There’s a great reason for this. Oak is a clean and hot burning wood. This means that each BBQr’s
Delight pellet flavor burns at a consistent rate and leaves low ash behind.
(flaming torch) Giving you higher BTU’s
and more efficiency no matter what cooker or device you’re using the pellets in.
(blowing) One other facet of BBQr’s
Delight pellets we find important is the lack of bark in their pellet. Though bark can contain a lot of lignin, the material in wood that
provides the smoke flavour, it also makes the pellet
burn more inconsistently, which means wider swings
and varying performances cook to cook. The great thing is that lignin
is the cell binding material throughout the wood. So by just using the interior of the wood it creates a clean burning,
easily repeatable smoke output that you can count on. The final reason that we
believe BBQr’s Delight pellets to be the best in the industry, is the incredible consistent sizing. BBQr’s Delight are
slightly larger in diameter While never being longer than
one and a quarter inches. This keeps those long
two to three inch pellets you see from other pellet
manufacturers out of the bag. Those longer pellets
create auger feed issues and won’t function well in any burn pot. BBQr’s Delight pellets come
in a variety of flavours but most of the time
when we’re cooking here we’re using a 50-50 mix of
their pecan and cherry pellets. This gives us the flavor and color we want no matter if we’re smoking
competition brisket, grilling steak, or baking dessert. So if you have any questions
about these pellets or anything else that we carry please don’t hesitate to get
in contact with our team. All Things Barbecue. Where
barbecue legends are made.


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