Bead Roller and Flanger Kit from Eastwood

the eastwood bead roller kit is great
for producing floor pans wheel tubs battery trays dashboards doors &
firewalls or even duct work for hvac applications around the home the kit adds strength and style to your
metal and contains three be drawing mandrels and three flange in mandrels
simply mount the tool and advice and attach the mandrels to begin rolling
your beads or flanges it has a 17 inch deep throat hand crank
and loopable shaft bearings to form aluminum and steel up to 18 gauge while
helper slowly turns the crank guide the metal along your guidelines loosen the role block intention or bolts
to remove the metal use the flame King mandrels to produce flush fitting
panels louvered eyes and adjustable guide fence
are sold separately by using combinations of curves in straight lines
there is almost no limit to the designs you can create


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