Bead Roller Forming Dies – Increase the Abilities of Your Bead Roller! Eastwood

a bead roller is the tool you need when
you want to fabricate your own panels like floor pans trunks firewalls and
running boards plus it adds strength and looks if you
really want to expand the abilities of your bead roller need to check out these
forming guys that will fit this Eastwood bead roller as well as any bead roller
with a 78 shaft these forming guys will allow you to make him edges create all
sets and flanges and even from style lines contours and channels that means
you’ll be able to fabricate your own fender flares dashboard in search trans
tunnel and more the guys in our research and development
department or recently making some parts to demonstrate to our customers so lets
see these dies in action and show you how easy they are to use yeah yeah yeah ok yeah yeah yeah yeah there you have it the tools you need for
doing sheet metal work and fabricating your own parts when you make your own
part you know they’re made right plus for the price of buying new panels are
paying someone to do the work you now own the tool click the button
visit where you get more info and yours today yeah yeah yeah


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