Beaded Briolette Earrings-Seed Bead & Crystal Drops Jewelry Tutorial

Wire wrapping briolettes and other top
drilled beads is a classic way of dealing with them but sometimes it’s fun
to try and find a different way to do it. In today’s video we’re going to make a
pair of earrings using a simple technique with seed beads. Hi there, Sandy here, welcome to another jewelry making video at So
here are a few examples of briolettes and top-drilled
drop beads that we often wrap with wire to make them into something that we can
dangle from something and hang. It’s called a drop when the hole goes
sideways rather than down through the middle symmetrically. These are turquoise
probably dyed hematite and again they would be nice wire wrapped but let’s
find a different way of doing it. I’ve been noticing online a lot of drops that
are decorated with seed beads. Now some of these are quite complex. I’ll to
some other folks’ videos because this kind of complex stitching isn’t really
my regular thing although they are quite beautiful. I wanted to do something that
was quick and easy and simple. I came up with a few ideas of my own. So here’s a
briolette that I started with and I went through my seed beads, you can use
different sizes you just need to pick a bead that is proportional to the
briolette that you have. So these are 15/0’s, really tiny, tiny seed beads. This is
just a four inch, about a four inch piece of bead stringing wire.
I added my briolette to the middle and then estimated that maybe five or six
seed beads would work to make a nice circle above it. You want the ring of
seed beads to clear the tip up here, of course, and to make a nice even circle, so
it will depend on the configuration of your particular bead. I did a lot of
experimenting and found a few different ways of doing this. Over here I have five
beads and then over here I have six, you want to add one more than on the
other side. Bring your wire back around in a circle and then go through that
extra one, so basically what you’ll have is five on each side and then this sixth one is in the center because both wires are going through it, just like that. What
if we were to make another loop of the same size on the other side? Remember
you’ll need a few more seed beads to fill in the space where in this loop the
briolette is. So here I have eight beads. You make your subsequent loops the same
way by adding a certain number of beads on one side and then one more on the
other side, this side has seven, this side has eight. This wire is going to go
through the eighth one so that both wires, that way both wires will be going
through the eighth with seven on each side. You can keep going doing this as
many times as you want. There are so many variations though, you can do a whole
bunch of experimenting. I thought perhaps this would look better
with the upper loop just a little bit bigger, I added more beads to that one
then I made it bigger still and added even more beads. You can vary the look
just by varying the number of beads you add. This would make a really pretty pair
of earrings, with a bigger bead perhaps a necklace pendant. Here’s another
variation, it’s exactly the same as the first one except that instead of having
an extra seed bead in the center I added in a little four millimeter Swarovski
bicone crystal. One thing you might notice is that this is kind of bendy,
it’s not hanging nice and straight. If that happens that’s because your loops
are probably too small and you need to add more beads to your loops. In this one
I’ve added just another bead on each side, now you can see that that is
hanging more straight. Also, you can keep adding the Swarovskis going up and you
can make as many links or rounds or whatever you want to call it as you like. One of the problems I noticed here though is that I kept trying to make it
bigger and it still kept bending and hanging funny. I decided that the problem
here was that my bead stringing wire was too stiff and switched it out to beading
thread. I’m using wildfire here. Here’s another one that I did this time with
the white wildfire thread because it more closely matched the colors that I
chose. Cut yourself a piece of thread that is about eight inches long just
because you’re going to be making knots at the end and it’s nice to have plenty.
I recommend one of these, this is a big eye needle, and by the way if you’re
interested in any of the supplies you should click on the link in the upper
right of the video or in the description box. In fact, in every single one of my
videos I have links in those places and also in the very end 20 seconds of the
video there’s a link in the lower-left that will bring you to a blog post where
I have links to materials, supply lists, more information, but I always write the
blog post after I make the video so there’s often things I thought of
afterwards. And then through your briolette. If you’re prone to dropping things it’s not
a bad idea to put one of these on. Seven more beads on the other side… now that we
have the beads on the other side you can pop on your bicone. If you are going to
be doing a whole bunch of loops it’s not a bad idea to just thread a needle
on each side, then you don’t have to keep threading and unthreading. The needle also kind of acts as a stopper. Circle back around through that
bicone, just like that, then add your beads to
the other side. If you are making this into an earring the very top most loop
won’t have anything in the center except a knot which is where your ear wire can
hang. In fact you don’t want to have something there because you need a space
for the wire to sit and if you have a bead there it’s going to cant off to
the side and be uneven. Now I’ll string my seed beads for the
other next loop which in this case is going to be 10 on each side. So I hope
you’re finding this video helpful and interesting and if you are and you like
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to take off my needles and make a knot, a simple square knot will do here, just
right over left… don’t pull it too tight, you don’t want
your piece to buckle, you want it to hang nicely… and then left over right. There. These aren’t particularly heavy or
weighty so this step probably isn’t necessary for these but if you’re going
to do something heavier what you can do is rethread your ends run the needle
back through that final row of beads, and this is why you want to leave
plenty of thread, far more than you think you might need
for these little earrings, so that you have enough length for the needle. Then you go under that, those threads
that are going into the bicone, pull to make a loop,
and just hook the thread back through that loop, that makes a nice little knot. Make sure it stays on its side of the
bicones. It wanted to, wants to move over here, encourage it back over there, and pull. Add a little drop of glue right there,
let it dry before you trim the tail and do the same on the other side and I’ve
done that over here. The glue has dried. I can trim those nice and close right
up to the knot. Open the loop of my ear wire, pop that
on. Just another different variation on ways
to hang and handle briolettes. kKeep in mind you don’t have to limit
yourself to briolettes, this will work for anything that’s top drilled. Let me
clear these out of the way. Do you have a set of these little scoops? They are very
inexpensive you’ll find them, I find them at Joanne’s, at Michaels, any any craft
store that has a beading section often has these and oh, it makes it so much
easier, and look at that, instead of picking them up one by one, so much
easier, but I was saying… Anything that is top drilled, these little leaves would be
really cute dangled on a bracelet, on earrings, on any way you want with loops
of seed beads. I found these at a trip yesterday to Michael’s they’re blister
pearls, aren’t they cool? Very funky and even with the kind of icky cheapo
beads they’re already strung on you get the idea. You can do this and this would
be a honkin’ big pair of earrings or just a pendant for a necklace. So I hope
this gives you some ideas and new ways that you can look at top drilled beads
and what you can do with them. So be sure to subscribe if you haven’t already and
take a look at my Patreon page for how you can get rewards and help support
these tutorials. Happy creating, bye bye.


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