Beaded Jewelry Projects : Attaching a Clasp to a Beaded Necklace

Now I’m finishing the necklace and as you
can see here we’ve got the centerpiece right at zero. You kind of want to make the same
distance from the zero to what this is here, with the clasp. And you can see where the
beads are ending and it’s like a little bit above eight. So I just want to make sure,
looks like I need to add just a few more beads, to make sure it lines up just right to get
to this line, because this is where I started. You want to end approximately the same distance
to make sure this is in the center. So a few more beads I need to add. Now we’re finishing
the end of the necklace. We’re putting two crimps on. And then we’ll put the toggle clasp
on. We’re putting the crimps around both wires as well as the end of the toggle clasp. This
would be finishing off our necklace. Just string it on. And then what we do is we get the end and
we string it through the crimps, the two crimps, so that we’ll be crimping the end of the necklace.
So then we push it through and then we can see how I have it double looped just like
that. And we pull it, snug it, a little tight. We have a nice tight necklace. Sometimes it’s
a little bit easier to use your needle nose pliers, the flat or the rounded and kind of,
hang on to it here and kind of pull your wire, so you’re making it snug. And you want a little
bit of room there. You don’t want it too tight, just enough so the clasp can move around.
You just pull the ends here, this little snug. And what you want to do now, to finish it
off, you got to crimp it. Crimp it down, nice and tight. Look at it, pull on it a little
bit, make sure it’s nice and tight. And if you have enough room what you can do is string
your other ends through here, if your hole is big enough. If it isn’t, you need to just
go ahead and finish it off by using your wire cutters and cutting it as close as you can
to the end here, so that you don’t poke anybody in your neck when you have it on. Just go
ahead and trim it. That’s the end of your necklace. So go ahead, string it through here
to your toggle clasp. And here is your necklace all strung up, nice and pretty.


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