Beaded Jewelry Projects : Stringing Beads on Earring Headpins

Now we’re going to make the earring, the actual
earring. Here is the headpin, what you do is I’m going to make a little bead on the
end just like your centerpiece here, to kind of match what the necklace is. So I put the
silver bead on the headpin, and then I’m going to string on these extra beads from the necklace
onto the headpin, like so. So we have a matching earring set, and we will go ahead and put
a little another silver bead on here and then curl it just like the, we did on the centerpiece
to make it
hook onto the earring wire. Is that enough? You want to make sure that they’re the same
distance. Maybe a little bit longer, two more beads. Okay, let’s see if that’s long enough.
They match, one bead off. Okay. Okay, then we go ahead and trim off the excess, leaving
a little bit of a quarter, curl it, oops, put the silver bead on there, then curl it
to go inside the other silver bead here, okay. Then sometimes it bends a little bit, you
just straighten it up, because this is sterling, you can straighten them up. Then you have
an end done, then we’ll put the French wires on.

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