Belgium: Want to Snort Chocolate Like The Rolling Stones?

Hi! This is called, “The Chocolate Line – Snorter” That means a chocolate line I have to snort. This is a chocolate powder. I’ll explain you why later Okay that gives me brain a boost. Once the powder got inside, my brain suddenly reacted. Oh it’s a chocolate! I can even taste a chocolate. Wow I can. That’s amazing. Okay that worths $45 That is 45 euro, which means $50 USD. Okay I’ll explain you why they created this. They’ve been researching. Before we start eating, we always have a smell. both taste and smell are connected. it’s about your senses. It usually brings a better sense result. So…. ah my brain runs like crazy right now. And it is good. Once you smell, your taste sense increased. It’s like a spark in your sense. Specifically, a chocolate taste. This is so strange.It’s hard to explain. That is real cool. oh that chocolate snorter was created for Mig Jagger. He’s involved with rolling stone music. They’re famous for guitar music. That famous guy. They realized it can be used for everybody. Now it’s only 45 euro for everybody! Wow it was created for a specific person! I’m mindblowning by it. There are more facts. Umm it says The reason they called it “Chocolate Rock n Roll” Ah I understand why they called it now. That explains everything! I bet you’re going to ask me if it worths money or not. Here’s my answer – yes. hell yes, it worths your money. The connection in my senses are still there. Very good.

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