Best of Pokémon • Diamond / Pearl / Platinium Music OST

Opening & Title Screen Route 201 (Day) Lake Sandgem Town (Day) Professor Rowan’s Laboratory Trainer Battle PokéMart Rival Battle Gym Gym Leader Battle Route 205 (Day) Eterna Forest Underground Passage Team Galactic Building Team Galactic Commander Battle Route 206 (Day) Hearthome City (Day) Amity Square Route 209 (Day) Game Corner Surf Canalave City (Day) Route 216 (Day) Snowpoint City (Day) Team Galactic Headquarters Team Galactic Boss Battle Mt. Coronet Dialga & Palkia Battle Sunyshore City (Day) Fight Area (Day) Route 225 (Night) Route 228 (Day) Pokémon League Building Elite Four Battle Champion Cynthia’s Theme Champion Cynthia Battle Villa: Lilycove City Bossa Nova Fight Area (Battle Frontier) Battle Arcade Battle Hall Frontier Brain Battle Congratulations on Entering the Hall of Fame! Ending


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