Hey Brawlers, It’s berthen here, so I’ve
been playing a lot of scythe in ranked and have done really well with it, being able
to maintain 2000 elo after playing a bunch of games. So I’m going to share some things I’ve
learned about scythe with you guys. Here is the frame data for all the scythe
attacks including start up frames, active frames, recovery frames, total frames and
I even included the damages. I’ve highlighted certain data that I’ve
found to be worth mentioning in the video so keep them in mind if you want to. The neutral light has unique hitboxes that
hits stacked, in front a little and diagonally up of the user. This move can be used pretty well against
an enemy that you think is about to jump since it can start from the ground and hit upwards,
making it hard to jump out of. It can string into neutral air really quickly
for a 1 dodge frame string at literally all damages even 700. Side light is a very fast move, having only
6 start up frames. It will out prioritize most moves up close
by hitting first, so use a lot when you’re close to the enemy. It also has a good amount of active frames
which is great for catching enemies after they use a dodge. Simply wait for the dodge, then side light. When you land side light, you can influence
where you send the enemy. If you hold forward, they’ll be pushed farther
forward and do a bit more damage, this is good for pushing enemies off platform at higher
damages. If you don’t hold forward when you hit side
light, then they’ll be kicked upwards into a position you can string into a neutral light
with at all damages even 700. Side light into neutral light is the fastest
string with only 2 dodge frames, so it is the one that I use the most. Down light is best used for punishing missed
attacks or bad dodges because it has great reach. At first it lunges forward, then sends out
decent range hitboxes to catch enemies. This makes it a bit easy to punish though
because it has high recovery frames and the move has a huge dead zone so enemies can easily
slip through and punish if you miss. That’s why I try not to engage with it that
much and use it mostly to punish. Similar to side light, you can hold forward
when you land down light to kick the enemy forward, this is good for pushing enemies
off platform at higher damages. If you don’t hold forward after landing
down light, then the enemy will be grabbed behind you, which you can then string into
a side air for a 2 dodge frame string at all damages even 700. Although Down light into side air is the fastest
string, it’s worth mentioning that you can also Chase dodge into recovery for a 5 dodge
frame string, which can knock out better at red damage but is a lot easier to jump or
dodge out of. Neutral air is great at spacing enemies. It’s an overall short move in terms of frames
with decent range so it’s hard to punish. You can also change the push direction after
landing this move. Normally it would just send the enemy diagonally
up. But if you hold back after landing neutral
air, it will send the enemy horizontally backwards. This is great for edge guarding because after
hitting neutral air, you can send the enemy towards the sides of the map by changing the
direction. Pushing the enemy backwards will also allow
you to combo into side light at zero damage on a 7 or higher defense legend. Otherwise, you can chase dodge into side light
for a true combo at 0-60 damages on most legends. Side air is an odd move because neutral air
covers half the area side air does but better. Leaving neutral air with only the very bottom
of the hitboxes and the very top to be useful. So for the most part, I like to use side air
when the enemy is above me, the same way I would use a neutral air on most weapons, except
only to hit in front of me. It feels like it’s only useful for edge
guarding because it’s a tall wall of hitboxes that can catch the enemy if they have to keep
moving towards you to recover to the platform. You can also use it when you miss neutral
air because you aimed too high, then you go into side air to catch the enemy that dips
below the neutral air. Down air is a good move for punishing enemies
in the air when they miss a grounded attack. You can usually force these out by just jumping
around or dodging above the enemy so they throw out an attack and miss. Also works if the enemy tries to engage with
dodges, even chain dodges, jumping up will be safe most of the time and when they are
out of dodge, you can down air them. Similar to neutral air, if you hold back you
can push them behind you. This is really great for edge guarding because
you could hit them on either side of you and still choose to push them away from the platform
by inputting the direction. At white damage, you can string down air into
side light forward for 1 dodge frame string and backwards for 2 dodge frame string. Which means that you can do a long string
combined with the other strings. Making it down air into side light into neutral
light into jump neutral air. Recovery doesn’t have much going for it
except for having a lot of active frames. The range is bad, it moves slow and covers
less area than most recoveries. So with all that in mind, I think it is best
used to edge guard enemies who will probably dodge. For example, the enemy is recovering to the
platform, and they often dodge diagonally upwards to avoid the side air or neutral air,
then you can jump back a little, and use recovery, this will likely catch them because it will
cover the area, that they dodge towards, with a lot of active frames. This is also really good because recovery
will hit them diagonally downwards, which makes it harder to recover because the enemy
will have to use more jumps to get back, if they even have any left to use. The scythe ground pound is pretty short overall
compared to other ground pounds. After the ground pound active frames finish,
you can start moving again pretty quickly. So I use this move as if it was another light
attack for when the enemy is right below me. Unlike a light attack though, it still has
a lot of force so it’s great for edge guarding. Similar to axe ground pound, this move has
a tiny hitbox below the user which isn’t very reliable. You want to release the attack when you’re
next to the target so that the big hitboxes will come out, which goes straight downwards
and expands a bit in front of you, so its best to face the enemy when using ground pound. I hope this guide helps you guys with Scythe. If you enjoyed it then please subscribe for
more videos. I will be working on releasing a mirage guide
after this so look out for it. See you guys next time.


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