Boho Bead and Leather Cord Necklace Tutorial

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to you by and Today I am going to show you how to make this
necklace strung on leather cord. It uses some different techniques than usually used on
traditional jewelry with chain and jump rings and it has this great adjustable closure.
Stay tuned and I will show you how easy it is to make it.
So to make this necklace, the first thing you want to do is choose a focal bead that
you like. This is a ceramic bead and this will be the star player in my necklace. Then,
choose a couple of different shapes and materials of supporting beads. I have gone with these
wooden ovals and also some copper metal beads in a couple of different shapes.
It’s good when you’re designing a necklace to have a variety of shapes, a variety of materials
that go together. This has kind of an earthy, bohemian feel. Also, I have chosen some beads
that are plain; background players. They will be spacers and help support the other beads;
separate them; fill them out a bit. Actually these black beads both the smaller
ones and the larger ones come in strands. If you buy beads on a strand like these ones
or actually on the strands with these because I only have 4 of these on a strand; it’s
so big and these kind of filled it out. You will find them often if you buy beads that
way that there will be other smaller beads that aren’t nearly as interesting but they
certainly can be useful. The next thing you’ll need and the most important
is something to string your beads onto and this is 1 mm leather cord. Make sure if
you buy it in a package at the craft store that you pick up the package that says 1mm and
not 2mm. The 2mm is twice as thick and you may find yourself very well gnashing your teeth
trying to get beads onto 2mm cord; ones that would slide on 1mm cord.
That’s another thing to keep in mind when you are choosing your beads, you need to have
a good sized hole in these beads so that the cord will go through like these nice and big;
plenty of room for the cord. These smaller ones I actually needed to use this tool.
Now this is optional but you might find it very helpful. This is a bead reamer and I
actually use this when I do glass lamp work beads. There are tiny diamonds in here and
it helps clean out the insides of the beads. You have to be careful. If you push too hard
you will split your beads and ruin them but you can spend a little time. If you have nearly
a big enough hole to begin with, you may be able to ream them out just enough to be able
to get your cord on. When you cut your cord, I like to start with
a yard of cord. This will give me a necklace that I can adjust anywhere from a choker down
to pretty a long length. Also, the extra length will give me the opportunity to trim it off
a few times. Because as we’re stringing on beads, first
of all you want to cut it like I have here, at an angle- but as we’re stringing on beads,
it does get softened up and starts to get a little squishy. And if that happens, just
snip off a half an inch and go ahead and continue stringing on your beads.
So before you get started, you’ll want to take a look of what you’ve got. And this
is kind of the fun part of making jewelry, is we will lay out a design.
Now mine happens to be symmetrical here but you certainly don’t have to make yours symmetrical.
You can put things a different color and maybe just slight variation in size on either side;
I think this is how I want it. But play with it a little bit; I like that. Then, I am going
to put these little ones on the end and it will give it a nice taper.
Once you have your beads chosen, and this is a fun opportunity to go through the beads
you have in your collection and use up a few; you don’t need many. Let’s see, I only have
two of each of the metal ones; one of the focal beads and four of the wooden ones. But
you can do whatever you like; you can use individuals.
So once you have your beads laid out, you simply cut your 1mm leather cord on the diagonal
and string them on. I am going to do that and I will be back and show you.
Now I’ve gone ahead and strung my beads onto my cord and then left off the 3 beads
over here on purpose just to show you the difference that just these 3 smaller beads
tapering off the design makes. It just looks more a little bit finished over here whereas
on this side it ends kind of abruptly. So that’s just something to keep in mind as you’re designing
that it is nice to have that tapering off effect.
So I am going ahead and string on my other 3 little beads. And by the way, you will notice
that I did have to trim it once even with this short amount of beads. So don’t be afraid.
If it starts feeling kind of squishy and like it doesn’t want to go through the hole, just
lop off about a half an inch and keep on stringing. I will be back once I finished my stringing.
Now I have finished stringing my beads to my necklace and all that remains is to make
the knotted adjustable closure and it is very simple to do.
To make the knot on the left side, take the right piece and put it over the left, then
under the left, over itself and under itself. That’s all there is to it. Over, under.
Over, under. You can see I’ve just made a loop that this is going to go through; it’s going
to slide through. Then go ahead and pull this snug. Pull it
pretty snug but don’t be Hercules. You can break this 1mm cord. Ask me how I know; I
have done it. But just pull it snug so that the left side should slide right through it
but it’s going to be stuck there. Next we will take the left side and repeat.
Go over the right side and under the right side, over itself and under itself.
It is important you do it in this direction so that the knots slide smoothly. If you
make your loop go the other way at the pretzel – it kind of looks like a little pretzel – if the
pretzel twists the other way, it won’t slide as smoothly. So go ahead and pull that snug.
And like I said don’t try to prove any feats of strength; just pull it snug and that’s it. The next thing I am going to do is just
cut these off. I usually cut them at a diagonal because it looks nicer, fairly close to the
knot and your necklace is done. To make it longer, pull those apart. Now let
me give you a warning; do not pull so much that these knots come butting up against each
other. You will be sorry. It will require fingernails and patience to pull them apart.
So make sure that whenever you pull it, to lengthen it that you don’t go too far. It can
be recovered but it’s a pain. Then to shorten the necklace, you just grasp the knots and pull
and there it is. The closure will work easier the more you
use it and this is such great technique. It is a lot easier than getting out jump rings
and pliers and making loops and wire cutters. All you need is some cord, some beads with
holes big enough for the cord to go through and you can start designing and have yourself a great
necklace in no time. I hope you’ve enjoyed this project. Thanks
for watching. Here is another look at the necklace that we made today. Of course pick
out any beads that you like, do your design and make it your own, have fun. Thanks for
watching. Be sure to check out for
lots of crafting ideas. Not just for jewelry but we also have sewing, pattern reviews and
just about every craft that could catch someone’s fancy. So thanks for watching, have a good
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