Bracelet Brésilien Vague éternelle (avancé)

Hi everyone ! I find you live from Baden Baden in Germany where I will do my Lyme treatment every week and every time I take the opportunity to discover a corner of this city that is really super pretty Today in this video we will learn how to make this bracelet it is an advanced level bracelet so if you are a beginner I advise you to do the stripes bracelet first that you find by clicking on the small “i” and immediately we will see the material to make the eternal wave bracelet I took 3 black strings 7 yellow threads and 2 orange strings what makes a 12 strings bracelet and all my strings are 1 meter long We will immediately start with the most difficult part of the bracelet it’s the one where you have to put the strings at the good place try to put your strings like me I let you follow the pattern … Well done, we managed to do the basic pattern I’m happy because it’s not easy especially that it’s very hot here ! make sure your strings are in the same order as at the beginning and then can return to step 1 I’ll do the same but first I’ll go for a cold drink 😉 and that’s a lot better 🙂 so take good care of yourself Good luck to finish your little bracelet!


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