Bracelets Brésiliens Double chevron (intermédiaire) 2 couleurs

Hello Hello ! I present this video in a beautiful setting I am on the border between Italy and Austria I show you how to make the double chevrons bracelet it’s an intermediate level bracelet so first you have to know how to make the simple chevron bracelet so I took only two colors but of course you can take more and I took 16 strings so if you want a wider, thicker bracelet you have to take more strings and conversely if you want a slightly smaller bracelet you need 8 white strings of 1 m 8 purple threads of 1m Let’s go ! I start by separating the strings into two identical packages because I will first make the two bracelets separately so I leave about ten centimeters to make the braid that will serve me to close the bracelet I fixed all this with tape I start my first bracelet like the normal chevron bracelet I chose to do two purple chevrons first So I placed the purple threads on the outside I take the first thread it’ll do 3 double forward knots to find itself in the center I now move on the right side of the bracelet The thread in first position from the right is going to make 3double backward knots And when the two strings are together in the center they form a double forward knot This will form the tip of the chevron And here is the first chevron is finished I will make a second one in the same way I will now do exactly the same thing on the other bracelet the bracelets are made separately now I will connect them I will bring them closer I make the point that connects the two bracelets These 2 strings will form a double forward knot and I’m going on the left bracelet by simply making a chevron like just now I prefer to start working on the right part of the chevron first I first make 3 double backward knots then I go on the left side And the first thread makes 3 double forward knots Then when it joins his friend in the center it makes a double forward knot And then I’ll do my chevron on the other bracelet so I start by taking this thread it’ll do 3 double forward knots Then I go on the right side and the outer thread makes 3 double backward knot When the two strings meet together in the center and form a double forward knot we just made the first line that unites the two bracelets for the following lines you must start with a double forward knot who will unite the two bracelets and then you make your two chevrons separately I will do it again with you I make the knot that unites the two bracelets and then I go on the left bracelet to make a chevron it’s always 3 double backward knots Then 3 double forward knots And a double forward knot to make the tip of the chevron I pass on the right side I do the 3 double forward knots 3 double backward knots And the double forward knot Well there I think you understood 🙂 I let you continue alone Do not forget each time to make the central node that unites the bracelets! And here is my bracelet is finished I ended up with braids I hope you enjoyed this video do not hesitate to put a little thumb up it’s always a pleasure 😉 and then you can also subscribe to my channel Bye 🙂


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