Can You Make Crystal Clear Ice with this Gadgets?

What’s up guys? How you all doing? Today I’m going put to the test this Crystal clear ice maker let’s check this out so this is what it looks like we’re gonna make sure it’s all locked all the way around then grab this little cup and put it in ….. very firmness so there is no gaps and then we’re going to fill it up with water But you see we want not bubbling water so just fill it up really really slowly Boom! Right to the top, just like that and then we’re going to put it in the freezer for 32 degrees and come back to it after 12 hours Same process here just make sure that you lock it all the way around just like that, then this little plastic need to be all the way in boom, just like that and then put them all together, no gaps then we’re going to get this little thing, put it in, and then close it with the other one Boom! just like that …. all the way and then again Turn very slow and then fill it up You see how there is water clear without bubbles, that’s what you want And same thing put it in the freezer for like 12 hours So see you in 12 hours OK, let’s open it up, and see what we got Right here you see all that ice, let me try to open it Anyways you see on the bottom over here, it’s cloudy, that’s why they doing it Because the ice freezes from the top – bottom, because it’s insulated So all the imperfection and cloudiness … stays on the bottom … I mean freezes to the bottom So let’s see if it’s actually work, let’s open this up I hope it works, because if it does … it’s gonna be most amazing …… ice maker ….. gadget Whoa!! It’s pr…. it’s actually did work, look at that, it’s so clear … just gotta wipe it off a little bit Kinda have a lot of imperfection to the bottom right here But let’s see how the top looks like Whoaaa!! Look at that Let me wipe it off a little bit Whoa! That’s actually a really good results Has in a middle on the top a little bit of imperfections And quite a bit on the bottom But over all this is actually really good, look … you can see through it pretty easily Most of it, I would say 90% of it is clear ice But that bottom need to be clear as well for it to be perfect So let’s see if the other gadget get better The imperfection parts to the bottom, so it’s durable, it’s looks really good So this time we’re gonna open and test this gadget Yeah, it’s pretty frozen right now, so gotta be slow and careful, you don’t wanna break this First of all this is the bottom bowl The bottom bowl supposed to have lots of imperfection As you can see, Wow! it’s almost not even a bowl, what happened to it Well, You see, all the imperfection stays to this bowl, to the bottom bowl The top one supposed to be clear You see how much this clear VS this one Very very big difference, that’s for sure So hopefully this one work really well I hope it’s completely 100% clear, or at least like 99% clear Whoaaaa! Look how clear this one is That’s insane, you can see all the way ……. through WOW! This is so awesome Still super frozen, so we gotta be careful … taking it off Oh, my goodness, OH! NO! No way, I just dropped it and broke a chunk out of it You see, there is a little bit of imperfection, but … 99% of it is still super clear ball Look how clear this is. This one is amazing This one is really really clear one I wish I didn’t drop it, that would be even looking much much better The bottom not a circular ….. as the top But it’s still awesome, I love it Look at that crystal clear ice inside of the glass Love it As through the comparison, this is the first gadget, this is the second As you can see….. second gadget actually much much more clear ….. than the first one WOW! Awesome And this bowl, if you don’t use this gadget, this is what is going to look like, very very cloudy OK, and this one is actually same company, but this is a square Let’s see what this one is all about Once again, the bottom one supposed to be cloudy, the top one supposed to be clear Let’s see what the cloudy going to look like Wow! Pretty cloudy right inside of it, it’s kinda clear on the sides But very cloudy right inside of it Oh, my gosh It’s froze, so hard Look at that, very cloudy Boom! No way, what is this I guess I didn’t fill it up all the way or something WOW! This one is very clear, look at that Kinda didn’t get filled up all the way or something, so it got the air bubble inside of it But WOW! This one is very successful A little bit imperfection on the bottom right here But if you look at this side Let me wipe off all this look how clear this is, you can totally see my hand through it Look at the difference, this one is very crystal clear …. almost let’s say … 95% and this one is super cloudy Wow! This actually works really well. This one not the best .. not perfect But it looks way better than this one, that’s for sure Crystal clear ice ball gadget, you know what, I’m gonna give it a thumbs up You see….. it looks really nice and clear Except just has impurity just a little bit to the bottom of it But, you almost can’t even see this ball inside of this drink It’s almost become transparent


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