Christmas Nail Art – Embossed Metallic Holly Design – Quick & Easy Step by Step Tutorial

Hi everybody, I’m Kirsty Meakin from Naio Nails. In this video, I’m gonna show you a salon style, quick time, quick speed Christmas nail design. So, I’ve already got a nail here, so you can do this on the top of… you can do it on a natural nail, you can do it on an acrylic nail or gel nail. I’m doing it on a tip. I’m gonna do two coats of this gorgeous red. I will show you their number in a second. Adam: That’s very red. Kirsty: It’s very nice. Adam: That’s like killer lipstick red. Kirsty: Oh! What we call, that we call this kind of red, around here, we call it slapper red. Adam: Yeah! Definitely. Kirsty: That is that one. It’s not called slapper red. I’m sure it’s got a name, and it’s definitely not slapper red. Pop that in the lamp. I’m gonna do two coats of that. So, we’ve got two coat of that colour and then we’re gonna put the urban graffiti topcoat on. Pop that in the lamp. So, we’re gonna create a design with the metallics range. I love this stuff, it’s just amazing. What I’m gonna do first of all, with the metallic range is, mix the colour. So, I’ve got gold which is treble 1 and then I’ve got 05. I’m gonna take an old brush and mix this colour. Gonna put more gold. Kirsty: See how it’s going green. So, we have a soft metallic green. And I’m gonna slide this over and gather it up like this. So you use the length of the brush to do that. Pick them up. Paint that on like that. You’re gonna let that dry and pop it into the lamp to make it dry quicker. Then with the urban grafitti topcoat, the detailing brush, we are going to, basically draw out with the brush some holly, simple shapes. So you can draw down the middle first, and then you can do the loops at the side that create the holly shape. Pop that into the lamp. And then, once that’s cured, I’m gonna add a bit, a little bit of detail. I come down the middle and around the edges like that. Adam: Amazing look
Kirsty: Yeah. So, what this will do? It will keep the metallic where we pull it, but this is just gonna add a little bit of detail, make it look more embossed. So, the first layer was just keeping the colour there and then the second layer is detail. It’s wherever the topcoat touches, is where the colour will stay. Pop that into the lamp. Then we’re gonna take a lint free pad with acetone on. We’re gonna wipe over. and that leaves the Holly there. He’s cute. And then, what we’re gonna do is, get the red. Put the red on wherever you want it. And then, let that dry. Once that’s dry, we’re gonna take some of the urban graffiti top coat. You’re gonna use a dotting tool. You’ll need to flash cure in between this. So I’m gonna dot. Don’t pull too close together because it will spread. Just gonna flash cure them. Flash curing it will just keep everything still, they won’t start to move. These are your berries. We’re gonna fully cure that now. And I’m gonna wipe over again. Wipe it over with acetone. Look at all of the berries! One last thing, we’re gonna use the gold and we’re gonna add a little more to it by adding some little swirls. So, pop the gold on. I think you can just slap it on anyhow though, just where you want it though, obviously. And I’m just gonna add some little swirls. And we’re gonna wipe over again with the pure acetone. Look at that! I’m just gonna add a few stones. Just for good measure. We use the mega gloss for that. So, it’s not too difficult to do when you break it down. They are simple shapes and it’s just about layering. the different metallics, doing one metallic at a time to get a better Holly with the berries and a bit of gold and don’t forget a bit of bling because it is Christmas. They you are guys! I hope you’ve enjoyed that simple salon-style design for you to recreate in your salon or at home. I hope you’ve enjoyed it. Merry Christmas again to everybody. Don’t forget, all the products that I’ve used today will be listed below as always. And I’ll see you guys in the next video. Bye bye!


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