Christmas special hand embroidery design /zardosi/beadwork/ഇൗസി ഡിസൈന്‍

hi dears all are welcome to the new episode of MY PASSION HUB It is on this white material that we are doing hand embroidery today its basically a work with beads and zardosi now we can have a look upon the other materials we need to have for this work red colour embroidery thread , embroidery needle, golden sugar beads, golden colour half beads etc actully I am using this zeri thread to stitch the beads and zardosi first we have to take the red thread in six strands. come let’s see how to do the work it will be better if we could take equal number of rolls into the needle to do the same kind of design . I took 15 numbers to do each petal. this same design can be altered into a butterfly design. we completed the flower design now we can move on to the rest of the work with zardosi. I will show you the zardosis used. this is golden colour zardosi. cut into small pieces according to our needs green colour i think i bought it for 30 rupees or something for each packet take small needle and pierce the needle with zeri thread into the zardosi just like doing beads work this is what I said earlier that this design can be altered into butterfly design if we are doing 4 petals Adding one more half bead into the centre of the flower design to give it a complete look. so hi dears this is our xmas special design with grand colour combo of white , red and green. hope you have all enjoyed the video . if so please don’t forget to like share and subscribe thank you subscribe Leon good America today thank

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