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Meraba friends, we are together in one lesson In this lesson, we will learn the construction of the smaller five ball this is two storey We will complete the gold and the next we will make one of them we will make an earring in our ear if you want, we will do the lapel pins to discuss friends these days you little ball or, double-deck five-ball I will tell him In my previous lesson, I told the six-story ball. It’s a little smaller earrings can make long necklaces can use between them it’s up to you let me tell you the necessary materials let me say what I use this is number four pearl You can use any bead to the bottom, as I said again it shouldn’t be th, holes get a little wide again four number crystal beads I’ll use the yellow beads they call baked beads You can use 11/0 sand beads again if you want Get matched colors friends, let me tell you things to watch out for This style works with Chinese crystals Since the beads are flat, they push each other no performance required it is better if you use Czech crystal or Swarovski besides, make your tours more if you are because, when it is less, the ball does not fit you need to tour sand beads 3 or 4 times, if possible anyway, I will tell you how it is here again this five-point ball is much easier than the other six-ball then let’s get started right away if possible, our line is 0.16 or 0.18 millimeters Since we passed a lot of beads, we have difficulty in using 0,20 millimeters here As it stands, when forced if so possible 0.16 mm If you find the line and work with it, it gets better i am doing this again I’m not cutting my back. i’m not tying if this isn’t enough, i’m going with it First, I get 5 pearls I get five pearls, this is our five, we start with 5. all 5 will We get 5 beads these pearl beads have shells, so it goes a little hard after all, if the shells are peeled, there is no problem We got 5 beads we translate I go through all of them I go through all of them As i’m going back from this one again I’m going to make a full apartment Now, I’m going to put a bead on each bead ber a gap into a five this one, it is common I will receive 4 pearl beads in the first place we’ll take four four, here I go and it was five And I’m on my way. in this way we’re shooting water Yeah now, I look like, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 these two rings will unite here, two of them will be partners then i will get 3 beads I’m getting three pearls, I’m coming back and I’m coming back. in that What happened now? 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 counting this next 5 passing Now, this ring will unite with this ring 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, the size of this face is 5 two rings will unite, again we will get 3 beads 3 pearl beads from here, we’re going here As water Look now, 1, 2 ring will unite 1, 2 ring again we will get 3 beads again we will get 3 beads now again 2 rings, 1, 2, two rings We unite now, we are in the last ring the lower side, the last ring Look, it was the middle circle. 1, 2, 3, 4, I’m going to make the fifth ring here therefore, I am going to 1, 2 and who will unite, I will look at him here, I look like this 1, 2, 3 will unite and 5 will I’m gonna take 2 again from here, I’m going wrong And from here, I’m going here and here now one more solid is finished, second solid is finished friends, it consists of 5 floors now, the second floor is over, this is the first floor this is the second floor third floor we’re gonna knit the fourth, and then we’re gonna combine them all together Now, I’m moving forward my purpose is to combine it with it now the two rings will unite, 1, 2 I’ve always been in the middle I’m going to join the middle of two rings Now, I’m getting 3 pearl beads here Getting 3 pearl beads I combine this with the ring and this ring with the following 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 We shot Let’s put now, we will look, who we will combine, it is important 1, 2, and we’re going to unite this last ring 2 for her 1, 2 and the last ring we made need to get two while here, why should I have 1, 2, 3 fives from here, 1 2, to that part Was 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 Now, we will always join the last ring plus two rings 1, 2 and 2 again while here, we get 1, 2 why is that? 1, 2 and the third ring they will unite and be five water push again we will look again, who will join 1, 2 and three so we are moving 2 1, 2 and three Now, we’re getting two again because 3 common, 1, 2, 3 As 3 common, see, 1, 2, 3 now, we’re getting the first As 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 I’m here, I’m here now, looking 1, 2, 3 1, 2, 3 and 4 because we’re finishing now 1, 2, 3 and 4 That’s why This is important, I’m moving up here because it ends 1, 2, 3 will be the last ring I made 4 that is, we will put 1 here For 5 will I’m getting one from As Look, I’m turning in the same way again the same, let me show you from here 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 now, now it’s done here we make a round in the last step why is that? It closed with five, Closing with 5 We’re just roaming this once. As you can see, it’s pretty simple then, we will do the superiors as in the sixth ball only, in between, I will give you practical information follow friends, videos please Let’s not repeat the same things, for example, how many numbers will use beads what, where I’m telling them in videos, you’d better watch them Make comments via YouTube if possible Facebook, other social media channels, or custom do not transfer me questions, please make comments via YouTube I’ll transfer the answers to you from there now, I’m beginning to weave the top we have finished I’ll show you a few frames over, again as in the system, as in the sixth ball but, this time easier let us tell you less Now, a crystal bead a sand bead We’re getting 1 crystal bead out of here I’m entering here Look, like I said, I never cut my line here. put the two together then connect I’m done with a single line Now, here I go I turned around I’m moving forward In the following way, we have kept 1 crystal bead a sand bead and from here, I’m going here in that these now i am going back 1 getting a crystal bead, getting a sand bead again, I’m moving here from here they are both 4 4 in the lower pearls, number 4 in the top crystals I’m progressing Now, here is 1 crystal bead a sand bead I’m going Now, I’m going up from here, here I’m going upstairs. I’m putting a sand bead here from here, such again, go up See, this group of five at least three times at least three times If you can’t, here, we can not get the tightness and smoothness we want In fact, the ball, the ball that makes our tour Look, this is my second tour If you choose 3 e 3 3, six, three then, your ball may be much smaller see, this place was a complete round full rounds, no way, not separate from each other I emphasize here, if not, the balls are still now, I’m going down I will enter here I’ll do this one, you do it after you one crystal bead, 1 sand bead and I got a crystal bead again I passed through again, one progressed I’m here, 1 crystal bead, I am getting a sand bead again, here and here I come I moved again Now, a crystal bead getting a sand bead I moved again one crystal bead, one get sand beads Now, I see five crystal beads from here, again, here, I’m putting a sand bead I’m going to put a sand bead and go upstairs at least three times I will tour them I will tour here there is no need for attractions as we did in the other sixth ball very easily, we can fill the upper parts I fill them up, and then we make the earrings. let’s meet at that stage I’m traveling now i came to the end now, I’m doing a group of five I’ll show you something here if you are going to do it What should we do? i’ll show him Again, I’m going, see here no strain I’m not having a hard time I’m knitting normally, I’ll be the last Look as you can see, they’re all tight why is this so? this is about my tour Now, here I go Here, again, I’ll go up I’m going down here from here, here I put ball chains on them. earring or, you can periodically this way can make necklace I put ball chains on them you have ball chains, you can find them in the color you want I passed this side of it they have the closures I want to show them to you these are the little ones these are my closures How do I do it? friends doing Look, I’m getting this keep it like this I put this end of it in it, It’s important, we keep this I’m closing this way I pay attention that these two ends coincide, the hole will stay like this I’m getting this too into it before you tighten it I’m putting this on the last link such this is inside of it and now i am cruising now, i’m cruising such now, I will tour this as much as I can. see output, should not come, I’m putting misinam, a little less, already done with only one line Look, I’m turning it like this this will stay inside I don’t need to sew it, I put it there, closing it, it keeps it then, as far as I can please, go through my ball was very hard, the reason is sand beads in groups due to my tour I keep going here until I can not pass, especially, tight, tight Now, I’m going to bring two of these to the side. this is here the tip of it here, I’ll bring it side by side As I’m going here again, I’ll pass here again, here I’m turning like this I’m gonna bring this up with it Now, I’m doing this both I did after I’m pulling again, one knot another one I’ll cut it after doing it here, as much as I can burn, carefully burned This is my friends, and I’m gonna put my earrings here. i also don’t make a ring from here and I wear it here, is already passing As These ball chain apparatus have varieties of friends choose to take as little as possible it was, this way, an earring our earrings this way friends, I did this as the ball, the lapel pin as you can see quilt behind his back, I put again such a shutdown I’m showing the closure, in the back hole of the needle, I sewed it with a line after that chain the apparatus I used here, the closures found in nail clippers I have spent her like this to get a little hard, into waxed I waxed the waxed rope, and I put it like this In this way, a lapel pin These are, but then I had not found but, this way you can needle is not damaged, does not harm our clothing if you like, this way, you can do it as a lapel pin good bye, bye see you in next lesson we came to the end of a lesson, we finished our earrings as I said, if you want, you can use them as a single, single pendant. or, between the long necklace chains, placing 5, 6 You can make a long necklace here, you can make a lapel pin as I made them, I made earrings for myself, I’ll see you As you have already seen them we will have a surprise shot in the next lesson To discuss in class, use in good days

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