Classy Glass French Tip Nail Design – Crystal Clear Acrylic with Caviar Beads

Hi everybody, I’m Kirsty Meakin from Naio Nails. In this video, I’m going to show you how to do a crystal-clear French tip nail. And we’re not gonna use the tip, we’re gonna sculpt it out. So, by French, I mean that we’re going to talk French through the whole video. Adam: Bonjour! Je m’appelle Kirsty Meakin pour Naio Nails. Kirsty: Je m’appelle Kirsty. Where is…How do they say ”where is?” Adam: Ou et
Kirsty: Oue le banc? Oue le piscine. See, they are the only oues I can remember from school because they are… Adam: La plage
Kirsty: La plage ? What’s that? Adam: The sea
Kirsty: Oue*** la plage? We are definitely not gonna talk French, through the whole of this video. We are going to do a French style nail, which means basically the tip, everything is all on the tip. Okay! So, we’ll have a smile line in there. This does look really pretty when it is crystal-clear, but it’s got to be crystal clear to look pretty fabulous. Gonna fit a sculpting form. I’m going to do an almond shape nail because Adam likes that shape now. Adam: No! I just said that I haven’t seen that in a while. Kirsty: No! I think you just like it. Kirsty: You know I’d like the square one.
Adam: You do the square one. Kirsty: We’re gonna do a square. Adam: So she just doesn’t care what I say at all.
Kirsty: No! I’m gonna prep the nail with the prep products. So we have nail prepped dehydrator. I’ve already removed the surface shine of this nail, as I’m sure you can tell. Two coats of primer. This is the acid-free primer. Right! So, I am going to get rid of all the bubbles out of my brush. And I’m gonna pick the bead. I’m not gonna bleed it out. I’m not gonna bleed it out because if I bleed it out, it will have bubbles in it. Adam: Does it make it clearer as well when it is not? Kirsty: It’ll make it. The clarity will be a lot better if you don’t bleed the product out. I’m just working straight up to the nail and slightly dragging it over. We’re doing a square nail. Be very gentle when you’re touching the product, this will reduce the bubbles. So, it’s inevitable you’ll get some bubbles. I’m bleeding the bead out for the nail bed. This colour is soft beige. I bled this bead out because I wanted it to have a lot of colour. I want it to be really opaque. What I’m gonna do is create a smile line. So you need to come right where the nail finishes here, on both sides. I’m gonna elongate the smile line. Keeping a really sharp brick wall. So, this edge here is your brick wall. Right! So, I’m gonna pinch now. And I’m pinching it now because I want to file the smile line, to make it even crispier. And I need to be set in time to file it. Now, If I don’t pinch it now and I just let it all set and then file it, I’m not gonna be able to pinch it afterwards. I need to pinch it now before we put the clear on the tip. And we’re gonna get a straight file and you can file your smile line. So, this is something that you can do, whether you’re doing a clear tip or a coloured tip. So, once you’ve laid in your smile line, you can always go back and file it if you need to. If you’re not very confident with creating a really neat smile line then this a great little trick. So,I’ll just dust it off ,but I’m gonna take some monument and just brush that over the top of that clear platform that we’ve already created and then now, we’re going to do a crystal-clear edge. We gonna do that tip. Not going to bleed off the back of the brush, we’re gonna go straight on. Go straight up to the edge of the smile line. So, it will be a lot wetter than you probably used to working with. We’re gonna let that set now. Now that’s dry, I’m going to take off the sculpting form. I’m gonna use electric file to file this. So, I’m just gonna take off the bulk where the soft beige and the clear meets. You want to get that nice and crisp but that’s why I’m taking away that bulk. So, it is important to have a bit of height on that smile line when you’re creating this kind of look. We file the sidewalls nice and straight. Flatten that free edge off. Gonna use my round file now to go round the edge. A curved file but it’s not round, it’s not circle but it has got a rounded edge to it. Dina: Boomerang.
Kirsty: It’s a half a moon, a boomerang Kirsty: do you think if I threw it, it’d come back. Should we try it? To see if it comes back
That’s what they call it, a boomerang Kirsty: Thanks Diana
Diana: I’ll do anything for ya Kirsty: Should we try it out. So do you like this one best, Dina? Do you like the boomerang one best? Diana: Yeah.
Kirsty: Is it because it does work on you?… Throw it. Kirsty: Come back to you* Kirsty: good aint it that?
Diana: Yeah. Kirsty: You like it, don’t you? Is that why you like it?
Diana: Yeah. Kirsty: Gonna buff over now, make this nice and smooth. Just gonna wipe over with some pure acetone and then I’m gonna top coat with the urban graffiti topcoat. I’m gonna do the top and underneath. I’m going to do the underneath first and spin it round. And that’s going to add to the effects of it being crystal clear at the tip. We are popping that in the lamp. Now! What we’re gonna do is, we are gonna apply all these gorgeous little balls. Micro caviar beads. These tend to go everywhere. See? I’m gonna use mega gloss to adhere this to the nail. So, I’m gonna pop some there. I’m gonna pick up my stone. I’m gonna set that in the lamp. And I’m gonna use mega gloss here. I’ll go around the edge of the stone. Gonna get my balls. So, once you’re happy with where the balls are, you’re gonna pop that into the lamp and cure. And what we’re gonna do, we gonna frame the smile line with the microbeads. So, we’re going to do one side at a time. Gonna pop that into the lamp. Then we’re are gonna do exactly the same on the other side. What I’m gonna do now is, make sure that these stay on by going straight up to them with the urban graffiti topcoat. Now, the urban graffiti topcoat has a flex. So, when these balls bounce with the nail, it’s not going to crack the topcoat. If you just used… this is what I found anyway. If you use mega gloss over the top of your balls, and then the nail moves, then it may crack. Put that in the lamp. So, it’s all cured now and it’s all crystal clear and it’s definitely helped by the top coat underneath as well. I’m going to finish with some cuticle oil. Make sure it’s nice and clean underneath. French crystal square nail with a bit of bling and some balls. full of Caviar and microbeads. Adam: Yeah, that sounds better than balls. Kirsty: Yeah, I do like calling it balls. So, I hope you’ve enjoyed this video. Don’t forget to check us out on Facebook and Instagram. All the products that we’ve used today will be listed below, and I’ll see you guys in the next video. Bye bye! Kirsty: And I’m okay, *****. Diana: sounded a bit French
Kirsty: ****** Diana: Before that ********** Diana: That’s how it sound to me.


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