COMPETITION WINNER – #onemillionsubs – iPad Air 2 & Celebration Nail

Hi everybody, I’m Kirsty Meakin from Naio Nails. In this video, we are going to tell you who the winner is, of the iPad, the Apple pad. Adam: Don’t start that again Kirsty: I’m not doing that again. I’m over it, I’m over it now. Kirsty: So, how many comments did we have? Adam: Ermm! Over ten thousand. Kirsty: Over ten, or is it eleven thousand or something like that? So, what I’m gonna do now, I’m not very good on the old computer, so don’t know why Adam has put it in front of me. Adam: just because it is funny. So, I’m gonna go onto this program that will pick by random, one of the winners from the video who’s commented on the “Win the iPad One million subscribers” because obviously, the reason that we’re doing this is because we said when we reach a million subscribers, we will give away an Apple iPad. So, that’s what we gonna do. So, what do I do, I’ll just press start? Adam: No!
Kirsty: No? Adam: I think you need to go up to the… yeah. Kirsty: Here?
Adam: Click that, yeah. Kirsty: click that?
Adam: Mm-hmm. Kirsty: That there, that search thing,okay? Adam: Aah! I think it’s gonna tell you how many comments are there. Kirsty: Oh well, that’s good! A lot! Adam: It’s gonna take a while. Adam: Good job you’ve got a cuppa
Kirsty: Yeah Kirsty: We’ll just wait while this tells us how man comments there are so we’ll just talk amongst ourselves. We might fastforward this bit. Adam: That would look rather funny, you drinking a cuppa in fast forward. Kirsty: 10,600 comments!
Adam: Unique ones! Kirsty: Unique comments!
Adam: All you people that put 25 comments. KIrsty: No, no, no, that’s called cheating and this program will not let you cheat. Those are the kind of people that cheat on exams and everything, I think. I’m only joking. So, what do we do now, press start? Yeah? Adam: Mm-hmm Kirsty: Yeah? Are you ready? I feel quite nervous! Drum roll, please! Look at all the names shooting up.. I feel like I’ll close my eyes. Adam: What is that? Kirsty: I don’t know what that says. Don’t know what that says! Adam: Wouldn’t it be really nice if we had somebody who we could actually pronounce the name? Kirsty: Yeah! Iwavva Adam: Well, they have put the #onemillionSubs there. Kirsty: They have, they’ve done it. Look, put love you all. Iwavva. Iwavva, please forgive me because we can’t pronounce your name. But that’s fine. I think this kind of proves that this is a legitimate thing that we’ve just done. We didn’t just go “ah, we don’t actually want to choose that person because we can’t pronounce their name, we’ll just choose somebody else.” No, this is real. This is real, man! This person is the winner! So, what you need to do is contact us and you go to our YouTube channel and go on to the information, you’ll find there that there is a e-mail address that you can e-mail us and contact us and we will sort out sending you the iPad and also the celebration nail that I created for the celebration video. I kind of forgot about that. Adam: It’s so cool, that. Kirsty: It is so cool, it’s so pretty. I love it! So, you’re gonna get this as well. You won’t actually get this iPad because you’re gonna get a brand spanking new one. It’s gonna be mailed to you directly from Apple. I think that’s pretty cool. Adam: And that’s an empty box. Kirsty: Yeah, this is an empty box. This doesn’t have an iPad in it Adam:because weused. Kirsty: You know very well. Yeah, the one that was bought,kind of got used. Adam: It was a year ago. Kirsty: It was a year ago? Adam: Yeah.
Kirsty: Wow! It took us that long to get to 1 million subscribers. Thank you to everybody that subscribed. Thank you to everybody that commented and congratulations to the winner. Adam&Kirsty: Iwavva. So, don’t forget, you need to contact us via the world wide web by email and we will send you your iPad. If this winner doesn’t contact us within two weeks, then we spin again. and we pick a new winner because somebody’s got to win. There you are guys! I hope you’ve enjoyed this video,. I feel sorry for the people that haven’t won. I feel sorry for you but I feel happy for the winner. Adam: Even though you can’t pronounce her name or his name. Kirsty: Yeah, I don’t know if he’s he or she. I don’t know where they are from, are they from Mexico, Spanish are they Russian, are they Hungarian? I have no idea. I’m so uneducated, It’s official. Listen guys, keep subscribing and keep watching, and I’ll see you guys in the next video. Bye bye!


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