Conan O’Brien Spending NBC’s Money Before He Leaves

conan o’brien has agreed to leave the
tonight show aid is basically getting forty five
million dollars to leave right and luck it he’s trying to be a
little vindictive and he’s doing really costliest eunice
kits for the show right now and we have a video chat i giving an example of this
is that once looking like goddesses are you know it could be our last weekend
the good news is that intel and the c_b_s_ uh… spots
the air weekend pretty much too whatever we want and how the do whatever we want that they have to
pay for it the the celebs for the rest of the week ordinances new comedy bits that are so
much funny as they are crazy expensive sample with that in mind say hello to our new
tonight show character that would not leave me one miles would who’s in is the most expensive on the world to
establish governor and as you can hear at the mouse is
theme song is the original master recording of the rolling stones classic satisfaction answer a question he has your question disapprove reviews
it for a car that looks like a mouse anything at all it is not needed now what does it is it crazy expensive to play on the air
not to mention the rights to rewrite this clip on the internet destructiveness florence nightingale and on the a hollywood uh… let terroristic great mileage out of its there controversy software uh… funny ashoka over uh… last night i think that would be actual controversy bright noted no cuts receiving the colin
powell yesterday letterman every stamp on with it uh…
letterman had a great thing about it and he said you know jay leno i’d come in and
understanding five minute explanations uh… food people’s object actually answered you know what that no one should blame carmine letterman
comes and goes whose blaming coined but he was with the regarded and apparently the rest of forty five
million he demanded more for a staff ok to get
paid more uh… enso that was the last thing i was holding it up and finally today they can only give and
it appears from the report forty five million dollars etc august thirty three
million his staff get the rest an autorad that that’s right and so he got
more money for them and he said uh… n_b_c_ says that was a p_r_ ploy it probably was a p_r_ ploy but at the
same time he did give more money for staff to get smart money apparently the
standard buyout right it if you’re honest that really people whether or not
people get more money alum for eleven of its appeal will you have along with really the only deletion in power color
that was in this period of time debits kind of sad lonely and which you
if you were in the situation with you try to get more money for everybody here
that’s about it uh… him help but think of course by the way of
christian because you know i think what you would and basic are also give some of his money
perspective so he’s you know he’s comes out slowly rose everybody loves coated uh… jail adult about about who are
going to work around ok out what i’m curious about those with heat goes back to the tonight show
she’s gorgeous starting on march first uh… you know as part of the olympic
reluctantly ability happened just opposite level begins right away and i’ve been on that media
nothing state and all that i’ve ever done a
little bit but section in the last thing i didn’t
call anybody practically so upon on a trip that you know you can’t say i’m an asian
is caught in speeches they’re doing sort of women companies are very and if you don’t have anything to your
than you’re more guilty right through it but it’s definitely at but it just said one of the job at the end up
in the ratings serious business is now hand-holding are
right so letterman winds because his ratings who have gone up
through this whole thing and he’s love in this and jay leno looks
like a prick so letterman is always hated leno so this works out perfectly
today dealing a whole well that’s true of the lead-off in letterman’s used for a man of the
things out of the things like this that would have gone through that whole thing
was like oh yeah this is that your honor rebecca dot blanked out captured
resentment hikaru o’brien looks good and he gets there is three million
dollars and then he’ll get another job that’s perfectly fine i mean get a job
in september but after the fall which is when it gel with that shit would start
anyway that’s it would take that who’s got time off and by the way they’ll but
they’ll be doing when he signs they’ll be running fractals for three months of the summer
and room so that you know the cheap stuff right now it was like me to be
fox’s a_b_c_ seems non-committal uh… depart from the central sorcery
start on that could be interesting uh… in the hand that will question my
mind is well and i will back goes back to the tonight show are people going to be mad at him as
that show lost enough audience is eager to be in disarray or see a
rally zippy rallies any brings a backup is that speeding letterman again well then the industry will turn around
ago i had ever since understanding what story up and get back of the night shift


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