COOL MAKER KUMI KREATOR #57 bransoletki przyjaźni – friendship bracelets

who are you? I’m a Spin Master fairy I became to give you a gift bracelet maker I nominate you the friendship ambassador wow so nice machine it is cool maker Kumi Kreator I’m going to my room to make a friendship bracelets for my friends spin master’s fairy nominated me the friendship ambassador she gave me this set now I’m able to make gifts for my friends I can make the most fashionable bracelets Cool Maker Kumi Kreator let’s open up it there is a machine and a set of threads there is also a guide and a little book of patterns now I will fix my machine now I will choose the pattern I choose this one this is the pattern you can choose other colors too I like this from my pattern four pink and four violet it is very simple let’s look the blue has to be on blue side now I will fis the bobbins now the floss by centre by blue now I have to brace the floss perfect

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