Crazy Autumn Nail Design – Leaf Shaped Acrylic Tutorial

Hi, i’m Kirsty Meakin from Naio Nails. In
this series of videos, we are going to do some Autumnal nails, or if you are in America,
FALL nails. You know like, with leaves and BEEP In this video, the nail will be a leaf shaped
nail, yes, the nail, will be shaped, like a leaf So can i start with, the fact that i have
never create this nail before, ever. So you went out into the garden., and you
found Some inspiration Yeah The Leaves, Leaves and stuff for my inspiration. And these are actually
going to ve tools aswell, believe it or not. So i’ve not actually done this before, so
lets see if it works. Better do. Fay is like ‘yeahy it better do, these are my nails’.
So first of all, we are gonna do this on ring finger. This nail has already been prepped,
and by that i mean that we have removed the surface shine. So now i am going to prep this
nail by putting the dehydrator on, and we are going to apply the acid free primer, and
we are going to do two coats of that. We are gonna use the stiletto sculpting forms,
so tab on the back, rocking it between my thumbs, i am going to close the end. so you
are sort of creating a stiletto shape. I am going to open the back slightly, because i
want the nail to kick up a little bit, so this form, will ever so slightly come up,
rather than anchoring down, like it would do if it was a stiletto, and that is so we
have little bit more side room foir when this leaf shape drops down. I am gonna be using natural beige as my base
colour, i need to extend out with this as well. but i want it to be quite thin on the
free edge. and you will see why, a little bit later in the video. So i am just extending
out, and i wanna make this nice and thin. Then we are gonna go on the actual nail with
a bead of acrylic. What i am gonna do is bring a little bit of the structure down the centre
but quite thin, so imagine you are doing a really skinny skinny stiletto. Make sure you have enough on your side wall
here, you don’t want any fracture points, so you’re basically making sure you have strength
in that area. I am gonna do exactly the same on the other hand, the ring finger, but i
ill come back to this one and i will pinch it. Right, i’m gonna pinch this first nail.
that we have started to create. Right, so what we are gonna do now, is, i
can move Fay’s hand out of the way, and i’m gonna show you these leaves that i’ve got.
I have no idea what plant they are from. We have our leaf. I have our selection of colours
here. We are gonna use autumn colours for this leaf, So it’s like a leaf that has fallen
off of a tree. It is exactly that. So we have got here, Genie Lamp, Maple, Aztec Copper,
Berrylicious. I’ll show you what they look like when they are wet. Like a golden Yellow, A burnt Orange with
glitter, more of a bronze, and you can tell they sort of fade down, and that’s how you
are gonna put them onto the actual leaf. Yes, we are putting them on the leaf. on the backside
of the leaf, not on the front side, on the backside, I’m gonna start with the paler colour,
here. I’m gonna fade these colours out, so everytime you overlap them, make sure that
this part, where the colour is, fades out, you don’t want a hard edge. and then you have
got the darkest colour here, which is Berrylicious, which is gonna go right on the end. I’m just
gonna get some clear and put a coat of that over the top. the reason for that is just
to make it slightly thicker, so it has more strength. once it starts to set, you can start to peel
it away from the leaf, because it’s and autumn leaf, if it does not peel away completely
perfect, don’t worry about it, because autumn leaves, have holes in them and things like
that, they are all quite, you know, Jagged. So you can see, all of the little vines and
everything like that, are on top of that leaf. So now we are gonna get this, while it’s still
flexible and i’m gonna pinch it down the middle. and this is gonna go straight on to that nail,
like that. I am gonna do exactly the same as what we did before on the other leaf, i’m
making another one for the other hand. Now i have created both leaves, i am gonna take
the sculpting forms off and they will be very thin, so beware of that when you do it. So
i am just gonna file it, This is fragile, so be careful with it. it’s just there as
a little bit of a platform. Just gonna
clean over, gonna clean over with some gel residue wipe off solution, just to clean it
up. I am gonna put Mega Gloss on, because i will find it difficult to put mega gloss
on after the leave is on. While that is in the lamp. just gonna tidy
this a tiny bit. pulling some of the darker colour through the centre. So as i fit this
on here, underneath, we are gonna put acrylic, so as it sits on, it’s gonna act like a glue,
and it’s also gonna give the nail structure as well. So we are gonna put clear acrylic,
on the inside there, just gonna go slightly further out, with this bead here. Make sure
it;s wet when you put it on. and you are gonna press it down, don’t worry about any excess,
you’ll be able to clean that up. and then we are just gonna make sure that that is full
down there, and the we are gonna underneath. So i am sealing that on to the nail. So it
becomes The Nail. So you can see underneath i am basically gonna
join these altogether, make sure it is all secure. It won’t be the prettiest of nails
underneath, but who is looking underneath the nail. So we are also coating the leaves, with the
clear acrylic underneath. and that is gonna give them strength. so they are not gonna
break. So lets get the other one looking exactly the same as that, so we are gonna do exactly
the same. So obviously we have a join here now, so we are gonna fill the back of this
with more leaves. little tiny leaves. So i have got some smaller leaves, here and what
we are gonna do is make so smaller leaves. so it’s like lots of little leaves and one
big leaf. So we are gonna do exactly the same as we
did before. right i am gonna start putting these on so i am gonna use some clear acrylic.
So a bead of clear acrylic and then we are gonna start picking up some leaves i am just
gonna continue to do this. So now i am just gonna go under some of the
leaves that a little bit more prominent to make them more durable and so they last, i’m
just gonna thicken them up. I am just gonna pop some stones, on to this nail. because
if i don’t Fay might just die, because she hasn’t got no bling on her nail. So we have
stack of leaves there, and so little tiny stones, So we are basically gonna repeat this
on the other nail. I will show you how to mek the little green ones. We have made the
little green ones by hand, so we haven’t used the leaves, on those ones, i have do it with
our, my own skills, and ability, so take a sculpting form, i a gonna quadruple dip, so
into the yellow, into my greens, and then into the darker one to create this bead of
different colours, can you see how gorgeous they are, so we are gonna bring them out into
the basic sort of leave shape and let them set up a little bit, and then we are gonna
take a tool, and with the tool, just gonna draw through. this is gonna give you all of the detail,
same with this one, now you wanna let them set, before we take them off, so now we are
gonna repeat the process that we have just done on this nail. and we are gonn do it the
same on to this nail. So i am just gonna take some white paint,
on a flat brush and use it quite dryly, just to dry brush around the edges, which will
just highlight them slightly, and we are gonna do that on both nails. What i am gonna do
now is just seal the stones, with some brush on glue, and then i am just gonna brush the
brush on glue right around the edge, where i have painted, and it will just seal that
paint on. There you are, i hope you enjoyed the video
of our fantastic leafy nails, don’t forget to subscribe to this channel, all of the products
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