Create marble from plastic bags #preciousplastic

welcome to a new precious plastic video [Music] in this video we’re gonna show you how to use a lot of plastic bags in bulk amounts and transform them into these marble-like objects which are super strong and look super nice and Sonia from Poland is gonna show you how to do that hi I will show you how to prepare plastic bags the whole making process and then how to finish up the octave so let’s start first you need to prepare plastic bags who have two type of them one are made from LDPE and others from HDPE and you should always separate them from each other but it is not always easy because they some of them are not marked but you can also always around the plastic bags as you want in terms of colors and mix them in a nice way to achieve this Margo efforts the next step is to prepare plastic bags and the easiest way is to shred them [Music] but the good thing about this technique is that you can always cut it by hand okay if you have already plastic bags now we need have to find a mold here we are using metal mounts because they are very strong but you can use whatever material or whatever shape you want it’s up to you just make sure that it’s drunk enough [Music] [Music] [Music] you also need a pan to melt the plastic inside so I will recommend you to just have this smooth ball so you can easily grab the plastic which is around and always remember to put your mask on and have develops around you we need also to set up oven for 200 degrees and you should always be careful that your backs that’s the heating elements in your oven because that’s the way we for the room well last bets not the creator down and suppose that I am going to add more and more plastic bags to the doll so finally I will have enough quantity passing a wire you like to open all this trusty back sutures aside try to make a nice dough it’s a more drastic and then back to Govan [Music] [Music] now I’m adding the box I shred it they’re the home making process when we have our dough down we are putting into the cult mode this this technique is easier because it cools down quicker and it’s also easier to take take the object out from the Mount they’re putting the dough at the moment and now it’s time for the compression process and you can use the clamps to contrast it or you can use compression the dolphin and our version of the off and you have compression machine below it you should leave their mode into compression machine for some time and to wait until it cool down then you can easily take it off and start dishing up the object I always use the thickness or planner a planner because it’s it’s nice to get rid of the first layer so then you can you can easily see all this nice line and it’s remover and also cleaner so first step for me it is always another planner then I’m going to send it and polish it [Music] [Music] [Music] and now the Cubist finished after sanding and polishing it looks a lot like marble so now it’s up to you you can relate it you can cut it so we can make different shapes alright so that was the video Thank You Sonia I hope it was all clear if it wasn’t feel free to post the topic in our forums thanks for watching and see you next time


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