Crochet Jersey Purse – DIY Tutorial for Handbag – Easy T-Shirt Yarn Bolsa Bag

Hi I’m Donna Wolfe from Today I’m going to show you how to crochet a jersey purse. The written pattern is on my website You’ll need two balls of Red Heart’s Strata, which is a bulky weight tubular yarn made from jersey knit fabric. A size K (6.5 mm) crochet hook. Normal crochet supplies, a 1-inch button, and a set of purse handles. To begin make a slip knot and then chain 32. If you need help with the basics of crochet please see my beginner crochet videos on YouTube. For round one, do two single crochet stitches in the second chain from the hook. Now for the remainder of the chains do one single crochet across – except for that last chain, which we’ll do something else in it. In this last chain make three single crochet stitches. Pivot your work. And now on the other side of those chains do one single crochet stitch across. By the way be sure to click on the subscribe button to get notified of new videos from me each week. Now for round two, do one single crochet right in the top of that first stitch and mark it. Then working in spirals, do one single crochet stitch in each stitch around. Go around the corner and work on the other side as well. For round three, do one single crochet, then chain one, skip a stitch, and do one single crochet in the next stitch. Chain one. Skip a stitch. Do one single crochet in the next stitch. This is oftentimes called the moss or granite or linen stitch. Now for rounds 4 through 32 follow this pattern – chain one, skip one, and make your single crochet stitch in the row below that chain one. Chain one, skip a stitch, and do your single crochet in the single crochet two rows below. Chain one, skip a stitch, do your single crochet two rows below. Keep repeating this pattern all the way around… and around… and around… until you reach 32 total rounds. Your work will look something like this. Also if you’re on social media you can also find me on Facebook Instagram Pinterest and Twitter. Now it’s time to add the decorations. For the button loop, do your pattern until the middle of the back of the purse. Then chain 10 or more or less so that it correctly fits around the button in the front. Then turn back around and do a few more stitches until you reach the side of the purse. Then slip stitch, cut your yarn ,and weave in all ends. To attach the handle I like to double my yarn and just sew the handles on like this. Check out some of my basic handbag videos to see how to easily line your purse with craft felt. And this is my finished Jersey Purse. To view this video in other languages click on the closed caption link on YouTube and turn on subtitles. From there you can choose from over 100 different languages. I hope this video has helped you. Please subscribe to my YouTube channel. Feel free to like and comment on this video. Check out the description or the info button of this video for more information. And please visit for more tips and tricks on Creative Self-Sufficient Living.


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