[Off screen] Woaaaaaah [Off screen] We need more diamonds (x3) [Intro music] we want diamonds [Intro music] [Girl] Hey guys, today we’re making some crunchy slime [Boy] With diamonds [Girl] Diamonds [Girl] Why? Because I love slime and I love making it and my dad also said is going to pay this month’s rent [Dad] So we’re making slime, and it’s going to be crystal clear with real diamonds [Dad] First attempt, what do you think monkeys? Do you think it’s going to be possible? [Girl] Yes, anything is possible (Singing along) [Girl] Me and my girl does not copyright alright. Okay the first thing you’re going to need is something to mix in and something to mix with [Girl] So we’ve got our.. [Girl] Containers! Yeah boyyy! [Gir] Yeah boyyy! [Girl] Container flip. The next thing We need is your [Girl] Elmer’s Glue, so in order to make this clear slime you need clear glue and so yeah [Girl] And some baking soda and some hot or boiling water. [Dad] I think just like hot water. [Girl] Baking soda,
[Girl & Dad] I got baking soda [Dad] Woo [Boy]Woo [Girl] And.. Let’s not forget the.. [Girl] Contact Solution [Dad] Alright Contact solution. We’re supposed to put a little bit of baking soda. That’s a lot a lot of bit of baking soda [Dad] Alright, let’s put a little bit in here.
[Girl] Did you think they’d do that buddy?
[Dad] Okay [Dad] Soooo [Dad] Is that good? [Dad] Alright, we’ve got a little bit of baking soda in here [Girl] And the hot or boiling water. I think it’s just hot water that you need I mean we use the kettle but [Girl] So just going to pour it into the baking soda just a little bit.
[Dad] Mix it in Mr.Monkey [Girl] Alright, so I’m going to pour all this glue into this container [Girl] And how much glue you pour or how much glue you have is how much slime you will have *Weird bottle sound *(That makes Girl dance) [Dad] Now you’re supposed to pour a little bit of contact lens solution in there you just put a bit and you stir, right? [Girl] So I’m just stirring the glue with the contact lens solution [Girl] So now the next thing you will need to do is pour here [Girl] Thank you, you pour your hot water with your baking soda into the glue and contact solution [Dad and Boy] Woo [Girl] And now we mix [Girl] So the glue and the contact solution kind of work as the activators which makes the consistence the [Girl] Consistency of the slime that you want [Girl] Just keep stirring
[Dad & Girl] Just keep stirring (x2)
[Dad] So we’re not any [Dad] Professionals of slime we don’t want to use borax [Dad] We don’t want to use any detergent.
[Girl] Don’t use borax please.
[Girl] Dont use borax or laundry detergent in your slimes. [Dad] Yeah [Girl] You’ll get a very bad burn on your hands and your hands will get your like your skin will get super irritated. [Dad] So this is Working? [Girl] Yep [Dad] Okay, that’s clear slime [Dad] Okay, so you have to have a lot of like contact lens solution [Dad] And you just like to mix and add there’s a lot of these websites. And there’s a lot of videos out there [Dad] Where you see clear slime, and they make it look so perfect [Girl] It’s hard.
[Dad] It’s hard, it’s hard to do, but it’s working slowly, patiently.
[Girl] You got to really be patient [Dad] Yeah, and let us know in the comments [Dad] If there’s something in the slime that you add that’s not borax or laundry detergent that makes it like less, sticky [Girl] Up, The other side [Girl] Up more [Dad] You know we need guys?
[Girl & Boy] What?
[Dad] We that goofy slime music
[Girl & Boy] Yeah [Goofy slime music] [Dad] All right there we go. Look at that, look at that guys look at that. [Dad] Whaaaaat [Girl] I love slime I’m really happy because it’s turniiiing [Girl] AAAAAAAA [Girl] It’s very very liquidy we need to add a lot more Contact Solution [Goofy slime music playing] [Dad] Doesn’t that see, I think when you have a Cheezy music [Boy] everything’s alright [Dad] everything works you see [Dad] I think we were missing the cheesy music guys. Oh, yeah. Oh look at that [Dad] Look! Look! [Dad & Girl] Woaaaaah [Dad]That’s crazy. Oh is thats the thumbnail? no. We can’t be the thumbnail. They’re not diamonds in it yet [Dad] I’m so I’ve never been so happy to [Dad} See slime [Dad] contact lens solution,clear glue [Dad]Baking Soda warm water mixing it up adding contact lens solution until you get this.[Girl] Adding Cheezy music [Dad] adding cheezy music (Cheesy music plays) [Dad] *in high-pitched voice* My fingers are numb [Dad] *in low-pitched voice* Put more borax in there [Dad] *in high-pitched voice* But teacher my fingers are burning [Everyone] *laughing* [Dad] Don’t put borax in your slime, please [Girl] look at that [Girl] slime [Dad] Is that the epics slime Angle? (Cool Hip-Hop music plays) [Dad]So what’s what’s the life hack when you have slime in your hands [Girl] Just grab a batch [Girl] *low pitched voice* I have a lot of slime on my hands. What do I do? [Girl] just grab a little batch of slime [Girl]This this was it this were a slime towel. Just like this is super jiggly [Girl] Look, how jiggly it is [Dad] Oh my goodness [Dad] Apparently you let this sit for a few days well [Girl] We’re not going to yet because we’re super impatient, and we really want to get to the slime right now. Just deal with the cloudy slime guys. [Dad] Yeah, it’s cloudy slime that will eventually be clear [Girl] Just let it fit for like 20 minutes, and then eventually the levels will all go away [Dad] I think it’s time to put them crystals in. [Girl] Uh yeah, I think it’s I think it’s time now [Dad]Now it’s time to put diamonds in the clear slime, and I actually got real diamonds [Dad] Well real real fake diamonds these are the diamonds that are going into the slime now [Dad] I got a whole box of Jewels here, so Is that if Britney Spears did moana? Whoa look at that? Oh my God? whoa That’s a lot it is The beef yeah, I’m gonna get a bigger Bowl. I’ll be right back Add the resting by the rest, so that’s what it looks like right now Shiny slime, but the monkeys say it neatly crunchy so they want to add beads You forgot a diamond. Oh jane even I’m the final test will it poke? Like that no, I gotta give it a little poke poke it right now Yeah, man, you gotta know how to poke it yogi all right? so like don’t guys don’t be like that like Are you even poke bro seriously is this the thing poking the slime and yeah? Okay, so we have hundreds of Diamonds hundreds of beads Wow, this actually turned out this actually turned out guys. Oh my God. This is like jiggly form whoa level one the poke It passed the test level to the fold Did it pass the test? Yes, level three the taste test okay to the taste test How squishy is it? It’s really I’m going to confess. I like slide by this question yeah Okay, I think we’ve had a great success today. We’ve had and Crunchy diamond flying guys let us know in the comments if you made your own slime if you try to make it this way oh oh And now you clean up no Thanks for watching everybody, please like driving away the comments down below if you haven’t subscribed yet Please click on the icon on the left and a little thing will pop up and you zippe subscribe if you already have subscribed please Forget everything that I have just said Is my radio board? right


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