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– I do not like it. It really spices me and I have to do like, teeth, here’s my tongue
and here’s the teeth. It smells good. (gasps) Leche flan? I love it! I love it! I always go nom, nom, nom, nom. I love it! Halo-halo? I love halo-halo! Every time we go to the mall at Jelly B, I ask my mom for
halo-halo, well, sometimes. (giggles) An orange ball then when
I tasted the outside it was pretty good then boom! It kind of exploded in my mouth! Wait a minute, are these fish eggs? What’s this? It looks like coffee! I never heard of a kid drink coffee. Ugh. Almost a thumbs down,
like, one person’s head higher than thumbs down. I usually eat around this
part and eat around it then I eat it like,
the middle for dessert. Ingera, I mean, it’s
like a little beehive. There’s one bee hole and there’s another, another and another, many bee holes. And if a bee actually lived
in there it’d go like, “Hey how dare you eat
my home, I’ll, bzzzzz.” (giggles) I got, ready? (laughter) (breath blows through straw) (laughter) It got on his shirt! Rrgh. Gross. Gross! Ugh. I don’t really like it
as much as Pilipino. Tastes like bread. A doughnut? Mmm. I like how it starts out at the beginning and ends with like a tingly on my toe. Mmmmm. I love this food. My eyes are open but
my hands are covering. I don’t know. I love adobo! It’s so good I’m like,
“Mmmmm yummy, nom, nom, nom.” (gasps) Oh for a minute there I
thought it was like ice cream. (gasp) My favorite! Cucumber and tomato! I remember every time my mom gets cucumber and tomato I always get it. I love it! (husky giggle) I would give it like,
like five and a half. So if you get another it would be six. I heard of Argentina. I like this one. But not those two. This looks like a teapot, what’s in here? Tea? It’s green and mushy. Mmmmm. Mmhmm. I did not like it. Oh, I do not like it. Hooah. Hoo. I do not like that. It smells spicy. This is spicy, this is
spicy, this is spicy, the bread here is spicy. It is spicy! Mmmm. No, no! (giggles) I like it so much I ate it all. (giggles) Ah! (giggles) I don’t know but I’m gonna try it then maybe I’ll get a clue. I can’t tell, I’m like,
“Which one do I like? “Do I like it without or with it? “Okay, both!” Hair? I do not like that. (growls) MmMmm, mmMmm, mmMmm. I do not like this. Even if it’s in a pretty container and a pretty spoon I
do not like the taste. Raw fish? This is raw fish? I do not like the smell. Halo-halo is like, these
green things are like jellies and there’s like beans
and it’s kind of like cold milk on it and then
there’s like ice cream. If Agrabah was real I would say Agrabah. I never heard of that place. Eth-e-o-pan. Eth-e-o-pan. Nope. That reminds me of a food
that my mom usually makes us. Oh yeah, yum! I always fish for the jello. I’m like, “Ooh which
one’s the biggest jello? “Ooooh!” (slurps) Mmmm. Hasta la spista baby. (laughter) – We hope you enjoyed our super cut. If you wanna see more of the other awesome kids in our videos make sure you subscribe to Hiho by clicking right here and to see a playlist of all
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