Darn Good Yarn Product Close Up: Hand Beaded Silk Yarn

I’m Alan and I’m a man who likes to knit
and sometimes I even knit in public this is the hand beaded silk lace weight
yarn from darn good yarn I really like this for first the feel and also for the
beads the beads are placed in there hand beaded and when you work with it and you
knit or you crochet you’re gonna create a pattern you’re also gonna create a
pattern with the colors because the colors are so much fun
bright vibrant kind of neat and the result is going to look really nice the
the beads catch light so whatever it is you’re making like for instance if
you’re making a shawl or a scarf as you move around the lights going to catch
the beads and they’re going to sparkle a little bit it’s gonna look really nice
plus the fact that the colors are going to change as you as you knit and you’re
going to create stripes or patterns for some of them this was going to be really
crazy but it’s gonna be fun


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