Decorating Glass Beads : Glass Bead Making Tools

In this clip we’re going to talk about the
tools we’re going to be using today to make our fancy additions to whatever you’re making.
First off we’ve got the torch of course, oxygen; propane right here. We have the kiln, the
kilns very important; it sits to my right here very close to my work station. And basically
to do a lot of these decals that we’re going to be making all we’re really, we’re not going
to use a ton of tools. I think for sure we’re going with these guys. These are always useful,
parallel mashers. We’re going to use all the different sizes of tweezers for pulling. And
I believe we shall also use, we’re definitely going to have to ignite our flames. You got
to have; you got to have one of those guys. And beyond that I think we might definitely
have to use our paddle. We might definitely use that one, right. And our last tool that
we’re going to be using, we’re going to. Oh, here’s my other one. These are going to, this
is a tungsten and this is like a non-tungsten. This is a stainless steel pick. These are
used to pick the glass, so we’re going to be using those as well. And we’re also going
to be using these new guys here I got. These are just for like flattening like a little
small piece of glass, or really small areas that you need to touch up on; that you can’
really get the flame into. And those will be the tools that we’re using.

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