DIY: 3D Mario Mushroom | Bead Sprites (Perler/Hama Beads)

Hey, everybody! Welcome to my first Perler Beads video! Today we’re making a 3D Mario Mushroom. The things I used were: Round pegboard. White, red, black and sand beads. Tweezers. Tape. The awesome ironing! Hot glue. And ironing paper. Lets get started! [♫] [♫] Two (2) of these. [♫] [♫] Three (3) of these. [♫] [♫] Two (2) of these, but… [♫] Change some red for white. [♫] [♫] Last clip got corrupted but [♫] this is the final layer. [♫] [♫] Once done: Iron and Glue together! [♫] So, thank you guys for watching! Hope you enjoyed the video. If you did, don’t forget to give it a thumbs up, share it with your friends and also subscribe to my channel for more beads and gaming videos! See ya guys around! Bye bye!


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