DIY Borax Crystals – Man Vs Science #5

God, this thing is noisy! What’s up, I’m Rob, Welcome to Man vs. Science. The only science show on YouTube to leave you just slightly stupider than you were before you watched the goddamn thing. Yet, here we are This week, we’re makin’ the crystal. “Couldn’t-Find-Good-Name” suggested Borax crystals. For those of you unfamiliar, Borax is actually an organic alien compound- -uh, found, I wanna say seven or eight lightyears away uhh on the third andromeda? somewhere in one of those planetary crystal star-clusters. Anyways, here on earth it is primarily used as a household cleaning substance It can be found down any supermarket laundry aisle. Supply wise, you’re gonna need all this sh*t. But most importantly, you’re gonna need these pipe-cleaners. Some measuring tools, and, uhh.. no, you know what, I don’t think you’re gonna need this, f*ck these. But you’re definitely gonna need a pair of scissors… Brewer? Who the f*ck is Brewer? Whose f*ckin’ scissors are these!? Let me know down below if these are yours, and I’ll send ’em back to you. Sorry, I didn’t mean to f*ckin’ steal ’em… Did I? Alright, pipe cleaning time. Uh, I’m gonna manipulate these into some letters- I’m thinking cursive is probably the way to go over here, y’know all the letters kinda connect together, might be a little bit easier. Wait, do they even teach cursive in school anymore? Do they have pencils in school? Do people even write things down anymore? F*ckin’ robot apocalypse sh*t! Alright, I connected a couple more pipe cleaners together until I got all of my letters I did this with a couple more words in some different colors and tied the ends of ’em to some skewers that is so it can hang upside-down in these jars. Next, I heated some water and filled up a large jar, where I mixed in three tablespoons of Borax for every cup of water This may actually take a while until it’s dissolved, so if you have any magic spells or charms, uh, for mixing, I would definitely apply those here. Once it was all finished I placed in the words, making sure that they weren’t touching each other, or the sides of the glass. and then, uhh then I just left them there overnight it says four or five hours but I said f*ck it, goodnight. However, it was about four o’clock in the morning or so when the crystals began making a really loud I guess uhh, like a sparkling sound? If that makes sense? You’ll.. know it when you hear it. This is some kind of chemical reaction I guess, but the crystals are letting you know that they are ready to be taken out, I guess. little bit earlier than I thought, but uh, here we are! I guess they’re ready. Crystal words! Surprisingly, they look pretty awesome. And they’re super solid! I guess they stay this way forever, I don’t f*ckin’ know, I’m not a scientist. Who knows how this sh*t works? How the f*ck am even breathing right now, I don’t know. Anyways, that’s it for Man vs Science, a rare treat here on Threadbanger, I don’t do this series too often, but if you wanna see more, let me know some science-y experiments or projects down in the comments below and maybe I’ll surprise you with a new episode or… surprise you by not doing another episode. who the f*ck knows? See you next time!


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