DIY Bubble Wrap Sign – Man Vs Pin ASMR – Pinterest Test #69

Bubble wrap it was invented in 1957
originally as a 3d wallpaper I didn’t know that it was during my
search for bubble wrap knowledge that i came across that fact along with
a sh*t ton of really weird sexually charged bubble wrap ASMR videos holy sh*t we’re all going to hell which brings me
to this week’s project suggested by zoey and liked up by approximately 1821 of
you the old bubble wrap injected with paint
to make a sign Pin-o-meter what do you think this looks like a huge waste of time
yep and then we all die all right i went to the store got some
bubble wrap and some paint the last thing that I needed however were some
syringes and this was a huge pain in the ass because absolutely nobody sells of
syringes over the counter unless you have like a prescription for
so after searching around town the only ones that i was able to find
were these behind a dumpster downtown and I’m sure that if I just kind of
wash them off then they’ll be fine once I got home i got down to it right away
as I jump into the project problem number one the paint is way too f*cking thick for
this needle this sh*t doesn’t even slightly work and upon further research the dude who does this uses some kind of
crazy dye which I definitely don’t have it was late I was fresh out of food
coloring or any kind of kool-aid and the voices in my head they just said you
should use the needles Rob that makes sense oh yeah you should probably turn away if
no blood or you know that kind of thing makes you squeamish way that i sterilize
this thing f*ck they say that you can lose a few points of this stuff and be fine but
I’m not even coming close to that much just kidding my god you guys would believe anything i
ended up using one of the neighborhood Stray cats relax come on in all right now I’ve taped my bubble
wrap on to the wall because that’s what this guy is all about and with a full syringe i attempted my
first bubble I just punctured a small hole right at the
top and began to fill it up and that was it not the hardest thing to do in the world
honestly one by one I filled up my bubbles time consuming
that’s for goddamn sure kind of messy also and went through a sh*t ton of paper
towels and q-tips just the whole cleanup process kind of a
mess this sh*ittiest thing that happens however is when you accidentally poke a hole
through to the other side of the bubble wrap and then you fill it up and it just
pours straight out the back otherwise you know it’s just a ton of
filling up needles to fill up little tiny bubbles to fill up you know just
time time in your life just to fill the gap just to fill the void what did what I even making am I going
to use this whose idea was this Zoey oh right i used some blue food dye
here to add a little bit of dimension to the letters and yeah I guess I guess
that’s it tada a bubble wrap paint sign or something now some of these totally
look like crap and they didn’t really hold the liquid too well I realized this
bubble wrap has preparations in it so that you can tear it into individual
sheets some of these preparations run over the
bubble themselves causing them to have a hole in it hence why when I was putting some of the
liquid in it would pour out the back lesson learned in the art of bubble wrap typography Pin-o-meter you know you were
right this was a huge f*cking waste of time no one ever listens to me huh you know I could probably make one
of these ASMR videos I’m going to start by rubbing my fingers gently across the
surface of the bubbles now i’m just going to ever so slightly
tap out of the bubble wrap oops accidentally popped one oh popped another one oh no no what have i done know oh no that’s just turned
into a howtobasic video what have I done all right all right get your sh*t together get your sh*t
together now I hope everyone is in their calm place now after
watching this ridiculous f*cking video be sure to leave your pins below subscribe
i’ll see you next time


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