DIY Nailhead Trim

Give a boring piece of furniture a little
personality by adding a nail head trim. You’ll need a piece of furniture, we’re using a footstool,
ruler, spacer, nail head trim available at fabric stores, rubber mallet, pen or pencil.
For best results, work with an upholstered piece that has a solid frame. This will provide
good grip for the nail heads. Starting at a corner, tap the first nail head into the
fabric and wood. [ SOUND ] Use a rubber mallet so that you don’t scratch the nail heads.
From this starting point, measure and mark nail head points, so that they are equally
spaced. We used a one- inch spacing. [ MUSIC ] [ SOUND ] Make the marks as you go. [ MUSIC
]. Working down the line, tapping the nail heads gently with the mallet. To make embellishing
measurements easier, buy a nail head spacer tool. [ MUSIC ] And in a short amount of time,
you’ve made a big impact on basic furniture with a nail head trim. [ BLANK_AUDIO ]


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