DIY OMBRE 🙂glass Seed bead 📿tassel earrings👍

hi everybody so today I’m going to be
doing a show-and-tell tutorial of sorts showing you how to
make these earrings that I’m wearing right now they’re ombre seed bead tassel
earrings so let’s get started okay so let’s get started on the show and tell
us how you can make the earrings that I’m wearing right now so as you can tell
I have on each background and see it’s really it’s almost summer its own it’s
almost Memorial Day in a few days it’s warm yesterday is the first day I
actually had to put my air conditioner on and I got to wear shorts outside so
that was a good one okay so let’s get started with this now what you have to
do for this is I’m gonna take it off so you can see it up close although I will
insert pictures and video along with it while I was making it I made sure so
this is an ombre type thing you’re gonna need for this project is some seed beads
and the seed beads I used were a set from pan default I will be putting the
link for these seed beads under the video in the description box along with
the link to my review up the seed beads I did an unboxing and review for those
CDs for panda haul so that will also be below this video in the description box
so be sure that you click both links and check out that both the product and the
review video I did of it and I really like them they have like um some silver
infused in the beads so it gives it this nice shiny shimmer
glow to it and now they are fine so what I’m going to recommend is that you use
either a 20 or 18 gauge wire but for this I used head pins so the
next item you’re going to need besides the seed beads is some head pins and
there’s a picture of what the head pins look like now head pins are really nice
you can also get the type of head pins with a nice fancy bead as long as
they’re going to be matching the color our colors that you’re going to be using
for this ombre look I chose green it’s very tropical it goes with this shirt I
have many other shirts that go with it and the seed bead kit is I forget how
many this like 20 something I think pots of these seed beads and I’m showing you
pictures of what it comes in they’re these little round pots plastic that you
could reuse once you useable these seed beads but I gotta tell you if there’s a
lot of seed beads in there and there’s a lot of different variations of colors
different variations of like red and different variations of green and
there’s even more beads of the green that I didn’t use is more colors
there’s also blue and just so many colors you’ll have to check it out so
don’t forget to look for that link below this video the description box and click
that so my review video for it but um so you’re gonna use some head pins now I
got some longer head pins and some medium ones now you could do this all
long ones but I like the way they free out like palm tree leaves but you could
of course just have the one along the length or you can make them longer they
certainly have longer head pins or you can use wiring but the seed pins the
seed beads are really tiny so you’re going to make sure that it fits through
there and my head pins Mouse head pins fit through that okay so that’s the
bottom of it headpin just making sure that you can
see so I had some long and medium and what I did was I took the head pin and I
got the lightest color then I went medium and then I went dark now you can
add as many as you want so the longer ones I did ten of the light ten of the
medium and ten of the dark for the shorter ones I did eight of the light
eight of the medium and only seven of the dark but you know because I needed
to do because I needed to save room to make the hooks at the end now you might
have to snip off some excess don’t go to the very end you won’t be able to make a
loop so you’re going to make a loop with your jewelry working pliers at the very
end so you’re going to want to leave some space after you put your last seed
bead in there and what you do you bend it make your loop most of you already
know how to do that and just keep repeating the process and you can add
more I only added three of the long ones and two of the short ones you can
certainly go ahead and and as many as you like
then you’re going to need to have a jump ring so if a jump ring any size if you
want a bigger one that’s fine so see if you’re going to add more of the head
pins with the seed beads on it so you’re going to be putting the head pins after
you make the hook onto here in any way you want it depending on how you want
them to flow if you’re doing different lengths of head pins and then you’re
going to get a bead I picked the darker because it was going from a light to
dark so I figured why I have a lighter colored one of this that’s more of the
medium color but I wanted the darker one since the ombre went
from light to dark now I like that but you might want to do the reverse on Bri
inhabit from dark to light in which case you use a lighter beam that kind of and
you might want to use a bead that kind of coincides to keep it more uniform in
the color range of the seed beads that you are using so I happen to have the
light and green the light and dark green B and what I use for that was some 14
gauge wiring I made my eye cut the excess made a loop on this end and a
nice tight loop on the other I attached the jump ring with my head pins with the
seed beads on it to that hoop at the end loop loop whatever you want to call it
and then on this one you can either attach a jump ring and then your fish
hook it for your earring or you could just attach your fish hook to the loop
at the top which is what i did i didn’t use another jump ring because then it
just makes it that much longer so i fix the fish hook to the loop i made on the
top of the bead and that’s it was that easy here’s another look before i put it
back on and like I said you could either make them short or short seed beads or
all long ones or the mixture using the head pin you could either use wall short
head pants or ol long head pins or the mixture like I did and you could
certainly add more or less depending on your preference it’s just an option I
did this I simply got my head pins and I stayed there and I put them in there as
you can see me fishing you might want to put a little something like a little
into something that has a lip on it and put your little pot there with your seed
beads it’s easier because seedbeads tend to
fly all over the place and I managed to spill them I had that was opening the
jar my mistake I should have put it down and on what I should have put it down on
the table and then took off the leaf but I didn’t and it spilled all over the
place luckily I caught it before the whole pot
emptied and but it got on my carpet and these seed beads are really tiny they
don’t look it when I’m showing you the pictures of them they’re really tiny and
they can get lost in your carpeting and I don’t want to do that they’re really
nice sea beads and I don’t want them to go to waste to be in my vacuum later use
something with some kind of a lip whether it’s a lid to something and this
way you can catch any seed beads while you’re putting them in and threading
them in but I like them I like the ombre look I think the next one I’ll tries the
red and then maybe the blue so I think they’re really nice there easy breezy
there’s summery and it’s a good look and you can use any top bead that you like I
happen to like this if you didn’t want to do that you can use those earring
templates that I used to make earrings regular ones that you can find either at
the craft store the set that I had gotten from BB crafts and you could
attach seed beads on head pins to those type of earrings like I did so I hope
you liked this quick easy show-and-tell tutorial it’s really simple all you need
is the head pins some seed beads and jump ring a little bit of 14 or 15 gauge
wire some beads at the top or whatever you prefer at the top and some earring
fish hooks and that’s it so go ahead and start crafting good if you haven’t
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