DIY Rainbow Mini Perler/Artkal Bead Nail Art

um so what do you think what do you
think? what do you think? WHATYA THINK? WhATdYa THiNk? Hey guys, you’re watching QDCrafts If you couldn’t tell from the
intro this video is inspired by Simply Nailogical, fellow Canadian youtuber,
mother sock who encourages us to stay in school and not drop out to become slime
youtubers. If you watch her as well we all know that we only watch her for her
amazingly intricate and creative nail art designs.. So I was watching one of her
videos the other day and I suddenly thought hey I’ve never done nail on it
before and I have all these mini beads that I got from the Artkal warehouse,
there are so many colors that I got and I just thought I need to make some mini
bead nails. It was so random and I just had to try it because it’s so easy and
it actually turned out pretty cool so I will be showing you how I made these
mini bead nails. All you’ll need are some mini beads, a mini bead pegboard, ironing
film, an iron and preferably some tweezers so you can pick up the beads
and create your designs. Also please don’t take this video too seriously it’s
all in good fun and without further ado let’s get started with making these
beautiful nails! To begin making the mini bead nails I’m going to need a clear
mini bead pegboard and it’s best that it’s clear so that I can estimate
approximately how many beads can fit onto one of my nails and then I have all
these different colors to make something cool let’s see how it turns out. Got my
handy tweezers I decided to go with sort of a color gradient from the Reds the
yellows greens blues and purples since Artkal has all of these different
colors I wanted to use as many of them as possible and see that’s about the
right size for my thumb it’s actually looking kind of nice and then next will
be for my index finger the nails are all kind of the same size so it’ll all be
the same template for these three fingers wah wah wah wah wah wah wah wah wah wahwahwahwah The pinky would be a lot smaller. For this
one I’m gonna add two more beads here but only after I put this onto a piece
of tape so that it can go right in the middle of these three beads here.
Alright so the five nails are done I just need to iron these now and just to give
you an idea of how long it took me to make these it’s been 13 minutes just
because these beads are so small I have to pick all these different colors using
the tweezers. Now I just have to prepare these for ironing and I’m using the tape
method so that I can take these off of the board and this time I will be
ironing them for a very long time so I don’t want to risk heating up the board
and melting it or causing it to warp and that’s just how it’s done take it off
like that and for this pinky piece that I was going to add these two pieces to
the tip right in the middle like that so that it’s kind of curved over like a
nail now that each of the nails are ready to
be ironed I’m just going to preheat my iron to around one-and-a-half to two. For
the ironing process I’m going to be ironing each of the nails one at a time
because I’m going to be doing it a bit differently than from how I usually do
it; usually I would iron it just so that there are still some holes showing but
I’m going to completely melt these beads so that it’s actually one complete flat
plastic piece. And of course I’m going to be using some ironing film which will give
the nails a shiny finish and I think that’ll make it look a lot prettier than
just having some matte nails then I just go in with the iron and I just keep it
on top of all the beads until I see that all the holes are gone. This usually
doesn’t take too long since these are mini beads and they’ll melt a lot faster
so all of the holes are almost gone as you can see so I just need to do a
little bit more and it should be good to flip over just remove the tape from the
other side and then we can continue ironing with another piece of film on
top While it’s still hot I can bend the
beads to fit the curvature of my nail so that is a really important part. I’m
going to be using a pen to help me with making the nail curved since it’s super
hot and then that should help get it into the shape of my nail get it curving so that it will have a nice fit here so
that looks like it is a nice fit around my nail and see it’s just a bit curved
and now that it’s cooled down it’ll say that way. Let’s finish up the other ones Here are the nails ready to be glued on
to my fingers and they’re all curved to fit the curvature of my nail. Now, I don’t
have any peel off base coat or I don’t even think that would work with this and
I don’t want to use any nail glues or things that are hard to remove from my
nail. I’m gonna be using some clear glue because I actually use this as an
adhesive and I’m hoping that it will work in sticking the beads onto my nail
so just apply a little well a lot of it onto my some nail and then these go on
top and I guess I wait.. seems to be sticking on pretty well right now yeah
this is actually working I’m doing nail art my a nail artist yet? This is so
weird I’ve never even put on nail polish for
like the last 10 years so this is definitely a first for me
and oh oh my gosh it’s actually turning out pretty nice so
let me just get the last two on here and then we shall wait a little bit for them
to dry and then I can take a nice Instagram photo with these colorful
nails okay perfection now all of the bead
nails are on my hand and I just need to wait for them to dry this is such a weird feeling I don’t
even want to clamp my hands together cuz I’m afraid one of the nails will fall
off oh my gosh I have claws, RAINBOW CLAWS oh my god yeah that’s actually
everything Wow do you see this? This actually looks really nice on the camera
but in person it’s just it’s really weird cuz it’s kind of thick. See that’s
how thick one of the new oh my gosh I have rainbow nails my nails I’ve never
looked this pretty I also have never grown my nails out this long so it’s
just it’s just so weird to have such a long nail coming out from my fingers. Can
I even eat with this wait what’s that on my other hand? On my other hand, I made
this really simple solid color nail set and I just chose some blues and purples
see I don’t know how to make it all pretty the way Simply Nailogical shows off her nails sensual music oooh ahhhh Now, both hands are covered yep I don’t
think you’ll see another video like this one from me unless you actually want me
to make some Halloween nails maybe when that time comes I’ll make some really
scary looking nails see who needs to buy those fancy nail pieces when you can
just make them out of mini beads and to any color you want. So that’s it for this
video thank you guys so much for tuning in and watching this really unusual and
non-practical video. I just want to have some fun today and just do something
that I thought was crazy but also kinda genius. The nails are dry now for the
most part and I mean they’re not falling off which is great. please don’t
say any of this seriously you can try ahh is that relaxing? ASMR ooooh And again, please don’t take any of this seriously You can try this yourself but idk will these fall off?
I’m not gonna actually try to have these stuck on my nails cause I have to go to
work so I’ll just take a few Instagram photos with my nails you can check out
my instagram @qdcrafts and I would love for you to see the pictures I take
with these crazy nails. This is more like an experiment or like just a
miscellaneous Monday video that’s just a random video I have on my channel but I
will have more tutorials and like reviews I guess for bead crafts coming
up! Make sure to hit subscribe and the notification bell so you’ll know when I
post my next videos, don’t forget to hit the like button as well if you enjoyed
watching me make these beautiful nails thanks so much for watching and making
it all the way to the end of this really strange video and I’ll see you guys next
time with another QDCraft byeee! I also gave my mom a nude color set LOVE YOU SO BAD LOVE YOU SO BAD LOVE YOU SO MAD LOVE YOU SO MAD and into the peely jar


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