DIY Summer Friendship Bracelets by Karina Garcia | Crafting w/ SpongeBob & The Thundermans | Nick

– What’s up, guys? It’s Karina Garcia. And today, I am back
with a summer DIY hack. So, summer is a time where
friends bond and reconnect. So I decided today I’m gonna
do some friendship bracelets. So let’s get right into it. The first bracelets
I’m gonna show you guys are SpongeBob and
Patrick bracelets. SpongeBob SquarePants is
literally my childhood, so I am obsessed with these. You will not believe
what I made these out of. I made them out of hot glue. So I’m taking a
glue gun, and I’m taking some parchment paper,
and I’m drawing two lines. I’m making them a little
bit thicker than what a bracelet would be,
because we are going to cut out the edges later. So do not worry
how messy this is. When it comes to
the length, we’re also gonna make them
a little bit longer than what we would really think,
just to stay on the safe side. [MUSIC PLAYING] Once it has cooled down,
it is so easy to peel off. And now we’re gonna
measure it around our hand, cut off any excess. And when we have them like
this, we’re gonna paint them. I’m using pink and
yellow because, you know, Patrick and SpongeBob. Going in with Patrick’s
after it dried, I’m gonna do some
little dots as eyes. And I am using a white
nail polish for this. To outline the eyeballs, I’m
gonna use a permanent marker. And I’m just gonna draw
the little brows, as well, and Patrick’s smile. [MUSIC PLAYING] And here is Patrick. I think he looks adorable. Tie that off, and do the
same thing to the other side. And this is it. I also put Best Friends
inside, because I thought it looked really cute. It’s like a little secret
message within the bracelet. And now it’s time to go on
to SpongeBob SquarePants. It’s the same
method for SpongeBob SquarePants, except we are
using his features, of course. I drew his little eyes with
some white nail polish. I’m going in with
some permanent marker to draw a big red smile on him. I’m going back in
with white nail polish and doing his teeth. [MUSIC PLAYING] And these are the
friendship bracelets. They are absolutely adorable. I cannot wait to give one
of these to my best friend. These were so
incredibly easy to make. And the fact that it is hot
glue is still mind-blowing. [MUSIC PLAYING] These next friendship bracelets
are a little bit easier. And they’re inspired by the
Thundermans, Cherry and Phoebe. And I decided to put their
names on bracelets, because you can be the Phoebe
to Cherry, or you can be the Cherry to Phoebe. And it could just be a
cute little inside joke with your friend if people are
wondering why is it somebody else’s name on your
bracelet, and they don’t understand what’s going on. But let’s be honest, these
girls are friendship goals. So I’m gonna put
them on a bracelet. These are super easy to make. All I’m taking is
some beads, and then these little alphabet beads. And these are actually
glow in the dark, so that’s even cooler. This method is
definitely the easiest method to making any bracelets. All you need is that
little stretch cord, some beads, and that is all. You can really never
go wrong with these. [MUSIC PLAYING] Ah, look how cute these are! They are so effortless and
so colorful and so cute. I am obsessed with
both of these. Patrick Star and SpongeBob
were also amazing. And these are so
cute and simple. I am just loving everything. I hope all of you
have an amazing summer with your friends. I cannot wait to
give my best friends their friendship bracelets. Make sure to tune in next time
to see what other summer hacks I have for you. Thank you so much for watching. Have a great day. Bye!


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