Double Matte Effect – Part 1 – How to Create a 2D Acrylic Bow

Hi, my name’s Kirsty Meakin from Naio Nails in this video I’m going to show you how to do a 2D acrylic bow so for this design I’ve already painted the nails with the Urban Graffiti gel polish on this nail and this nail we have Night Shadow this nail we’ve got Shady Lady on this nail and the thumb we’ve got Grape Expectations but then we’ve added a little bit of glitter in the colour Affair Exposed I have top coated so we’re ready to go on with some art work right we’re going to use Pure Purple when this is touched with the monomer it goes a lot darker than that and the liquid that we’re going to use is the speed High Speed acrylic liquid we want this to set quite quickly so on these two nails the two grey nails we’re going to use the Pure Purple which is really dark its a very similar colour to Grape Expectations so we’re keeping this theme flowing throughout all of the nails so you see how dark that goes we want it that lovely dark colour I want you to do a tear drop shape that’s what we’re going to do a nice tear drop shape we’re going to open this up on one side with your brush and we’re going to make like an open little pocket that up and flatten that a little bit so we’ve opened that out we’re going to do the same on this side so nice little tear drop shape and we’re going to open that out just the same keep this side nice and flat we’re going to do the same again tear drop directly underneath that first loop so this bow is going to have two loops and then we’re going to do the same under this loop now I’m going to use a paler colour that is called Purple Grape and I’m just going to use this to highlight a little bit so we’ve added a little bit to the corner softly brushing it down as well to blend that a little bit keeping it right on that top edge notice I’m always cleaning my brush to make sure it’s a nice clean brush it’s not going to keep sticking to the product that I’m putting on it’s going to slide over it nicely I’m always spinning the brush so it’s a nice point just going to make a centre for this bow so flattening it out bringing the sides in flatten it out and bring the sides in again draw through the middle a little bit I’m going to pick that up with the tip of the brush fold that over the centre tuck it in at the top and tuck it in underneath then again with the paler colour just going to highlight that a little bit

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