Drilling Polymer Clay Beads

Hi guys, its Cindy Lietz, your Polymer Clay
Tutor, and today’s Studio Tip is Drilling Polymer Clay beads. Now I did a previous tutorial, and showed
you how to put the holes in the Polymer Clay Beads, but now I’d like to show you how to
make the hole a little bit bigger if you need it to be. Now, we did the beads on a bead wire so it
has a fairly small hole. I like to leave the beads till I need to use
them before I make the hole any bigger, because of course, you can always make a hole larger
in a bead but you can’t make it smaller, at least not easily. So I was just drilling out some holes for…out
of these Flower Petal Beads, and I realized I hadn’t showed you how to do that, so what
I’m gonna do is show you how I do it. Now I like to use drill bits that I use by
hand, a power drill is…or a Dremel is pretty fast, and you can…on such a small bead,
you can end up hurting yourself by you know, drilling into your hand, so I like to just
drill the holes larger by hand. And this little tool here is called a Pin
Vise, this happens to be a double ended Pin Vise, and you can just unscrew the end and
slide in your drill bits into there. Now, I happen to have some great little drill
bits from Doug’s dad who used to be a dentist, so they’re dental drill bits, but you can
find all kinds of different size drill bits that are suitable for you, now this one happens
to be the same size as a 20 gauge headpin. Now if I just take them straight out of the
oven, my headpins don’t fit, they’re too tight in there, so I have to drill the hole a little
bit bigger. So that’s what I have…that’s a 20 gauge
size on this side, and then on the other side, I have a much larger one, I don’t know what
gauge this would be, it’d probably be around a 14 or a12 or something, but you can use
whatever size drill bit that you like. I also have a tapered drill bit that’s used
for Dremel, I happened to put this one in an old Exacto Blade holder, it happened to
hold the thing, so it works as well, and you can make your own handmade tools or whatever
you like. I like the tapered one to start a hole off
with, because what it’ll do is just make the hole a little bit larger, and nice and cleanly. So I just drill each end a little bit larger
like that before I go into putting my drill bit directly into the clay. If you have…if the bit is too much bigger
than the hole then it will leave a chip…chips and little markings around the edge of the
hole, but Polymer Clay beads are so soft that you can just drill them by hand, sometimes,
if the bead is larger, you have to come from the other side, and just drill it through
by hand, it’s so fast and easy, no need for a power drill, so then now my 20 gauge Silver
pin will fit on beautifully. Now if you wanted even larger, you would use
the tapered bit again, and this is a little Peacock Feather Cane bead that I made, it’s
such a pretty cane, I’ll do that from both ends, and then I’ll use the larger drill bit. Now, if you don’t have the tapered one, what
you’re gonna have to do is start with a small hole, and then keep changing your drill bits
until they’re big enough to the size, the tapered one will help make a nice clean hole,
just about any size that you’ll need. I usually drill about halfway, and then come
from the other end and finish it off that way. This way you won’t get weird chips on the
ends of your…at the holes, and you’ll have nice clean professional looking holes for
your Polymer Clay Beads. So I hope that was helpful for you, and if
it was, make sure to press that Like button, that would be great. My question for you today is, do you have
any tips for making holes in your Polymer Clay beads that you’d like to share? Do put those in the comment section below. And don’t forget to subscribe, we have new
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